Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Rapping

I wish I had taken pictures of the sweet peas I passed yesterday morning on my way to work.  But it was raining and I was clutching a broken umbrella with my right hand and holding my iPod  in my left as I listened to the Beiber belt it out on  Drummer Boy.  Loud.  Yes, I am 13.

I am having a quiet morning moment here waiting for the shower. Work is threatening to engulf us and my desire to participate in a good old American Christmas is ebbing.  The more black Fridays and Cyber Mondays I hear about the less likely I am to get in the mood.

As of November 30th, 6:30 AM, 31 days smoke free, all I want for Christmas is:

A healthy baby ( due the 25th by the by) for Tini and Nirmal.  And under 9 pounds please. With a smallish head:)

Lots of sleep. Whenever and wherever possible.

Delicious salads full of pomegranate seeds and avocado chunks or sauteed walnuts, apples and feta.  Toasted whole grain bread and chunks of cheese.  Tumbler full of cold cold water.

Christmas tree that stands it's ground. And a stylish front door wreath.

Time with friends and family.

Oh and a new something something to wear to GG's glamorous work holiday party.  She's a medical assistant at a hospital in DC, in their Plastic Surgery Clinic, so since we may be the only people there able to wrinkle our foreheads surely I can have a new frock?

Off to shower/ dry/hair/pack yogurt/catch bus/ ride 20minutes/ turn up iPod walk 25minutes/ blast the Beiber.

Your holiday thoughts and wishes please?  And what are you listening to to get your party rocking?


  1. Yes girl...rock that Beiber..

    You deserve a new frock. The girls at my dermatologists office all look so amazing....makes me wonder why I used to work in oncology which gave me most of my wrinkles. Anyway giving up smoking will do wonders for your need for botox.

    I am NOT doing xmas for the first time in 26 years. We are heading to Montreal to spend it with my sons new bride an family. I am so excited NOT to buy a turkey, bake, fall asleep at 8 pm on xmas day..I even ordered an outfit online from a new shop I discovered...don;t even need to go to a mall at all!

  2. yay for you on the non smoking. i'm so v v happy for you.

    i'm pretty much craving the same things. lots of salads and soups.

    it is hard to get in the holiday spirit when it is 80 degrees out. it is supposed to cool down by the weekend. maybe then the spirit will kick in.

    i'm about ready to start my morning 4 mi walk. today i will be listening to the kills b/c i need a kick in the arse.

    yes, to a new dress!

  3. Well done to you on staying smoke free for 31 days,
    wow you definitely deserve a new dress.

    Have a great time at the party
    wishing you all that you wish for yourself.



  4. Looking forward to the return of college daughter, even though she brings a bit of chaos with her and likes to sit and read in the chair where I like to sit and read. But, still, happy to have her around for a few weeks.

    Your food wishes sound lovely, except the ice water part. I'll take hot tea here in frigid Minnesota.

    I might say it would be nice to have a pretty dusting of snow, but after last winter's bounty of blizzards, I'm being careful what I wish for!

    I say yes to the new frock, too. And I'll wish you a nice leisurely shopping trip to go find one. With lunch, of course.

    Music? I enjoy an eclectic mix on my iTunes, which ranges from Jakob Dylan to the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra to Spaghetti Western String Company. I confess I'm not familiar with Mr. Bieber's music, though I would know the haircut anywhere. Perhaps I should give it a listen?

  5. Your needs are good and few. I imagine you being demure in this sort of thing - or were you considering something more flouncy?

  6. Beiber? Is this some side effect of going cold turkey? Ah well we're all allowed our guilty pleasures. Heavens, I have Take That on my iPod!

    Sleep is high on my list this Christmas too. And low tech - I spend far too much time on all things Apple.

    A month already? Two thumbs up!


  7. As I was packing up my picnic basket to head to the beach today, I was suddenly brought back to reality by Adam Williams "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year." Kind of too warm to think about Christmas.

    But anyhoo, I had a very difficult discussion with friends and family about the fact that there should be no Christmas presents this year. The economy is tough, money tight, gas/heating prices are high so let's just take a year off. It makes no sense for me send my mother a $50 Applebee's gift card and she send me $50 Home Depot gift card. It's nonsense. So let's just say "I love you, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year." and enjoy the holidays by spending some time together, eating, drinking some egg nog and maybe a square dance or two. Everyone seems to be relieved and now I'm really looking forward to the season....and a few gifts for myself. No pressure there.

    Congratulations on your one month anniversary! I'm so proud. So proud!

  8. OH baby baby baby oh!! You are Belieber woo hoo! Well done on the healthy living. Check out this song (ignore the video or maybe its just me and getting old!!).This is a great tune to walk to work and have a great swagger in your step.
    Lloyd - Dedication to my Ex

    Sinead x

  9. An entire month - the hard part is truly behind you. Not over, just behind. And, I am guessing it's also behind a ... well, smaller behind. Right? All that work in the torture chamber?

    Definitely a new frock - something to make you feel great, and sexy.

    Doing it quiet here this year - the way we like it. Start decorating this weekend. A few small dinners (after trips to see the lights at the botanical garden. You and GG want to run down to Richmond for that one night? I provide sleeping quarters that are mostly clean and totally un-reserved this year.)

    A quiet dinner on Christmas day and few presents. We are gifting the food kitchen instead. A bit of a return to yesteryear.

  10. Razamataz, You lucky , lucky woman you. Sounds like you have it all sewn up. What on line store we wonder...

    Janet, Yay! Loving the permission to shop coming my way! How long does a 4mile walk take? Sounds like a perfect way to spend an 80 degree day.

    Fiona, Thank you, why yes I do. i hadn't even put it into a non smoking reward slot..great idea!

    Sharon, yeah, pretty soon I'll be jonesing for a cup of tea, BUT it has been in the 70's here. I've never heard of string orchestra....will be checking it out asap:)

    Mise, not a flouncy one am I. I would love to think I could pull off your selection. Is there an age limit for wearing?

    Loveandlilac, hahaha, perhaps, I'm also addicted to Party Rock, could be the drug withdrawal talking...but it's working!

    Steve, cold winds just blew in here, dammit, here comes the cold.
    I totally back you on your difficult no present decision,I think we probably all have enough and what we really want we can get ourselves. Thank you on the non smoking. Whew.

    Sinead, I'm on that song momentito:)

    Webb, You are indeed the best. When would that be happening? We barely get to the store in December cause we're both working like crazy...but that is such a lovely invitation I have to ask.
    Your Christmas sounds perfect to me.

  11. Jane the salad sounds and looks amazing. I so understand the black friday/cyber monday thing. I thought I was going to scream if I heard or read one more thing. Please just run your fingernails down a chalkboard. I hope you find moments to refresh.

  12. You must be looking good with all that gym time. What fun to shop for something pretty when you're smoke free and BUFF! Fill your lungs and shout Merry Christmas Spirit! I hope all your holiday wishes come true.
    xoxo Shelley

  13. That salad look so good...and sweet peas in December? I love Sweet Peas! Your wants are sweet I want them all for you too.

    I haven't settled into holiday music. yesterday I tried Sinatra and Nat King Cole, but I wasn't ready.

    I want a pretty tree and maybe a kitten. And only a little bit of snow and no ice.

  14. Such a modest list, I feel sure that Santa will be listening, and you so deserve a new frock. Christmas will be at the beach for us, and since like you, it is a season of madness for me, I will fly up on Christmas Eve to join the rest of the family, who will hopefully not have left everything for me to do! There is something to be said for a swim on Christmas Day! xx

  15. Reading these back to front...It was a sweet pea!!!!!!
    Christmas is at eldest daughters and all the kids and grand babies will be there. A sad day but it will be wonderful to all be together and all I have to do is buy the ham leg and transport it 400ks via public transport...Oh well!!!!!

  16. Nice work, all around! Listening to Magdalene by Lenny Kravitz and feeling like dancing in the mirror.

  17. Love you, Jane and so proud of you! I now have 'ohhhh baby baby baby ohhh' stuck in my head and craving a salad (and chocolate for some reason). You want to go frock shopping, I am free, so just let me know!