Monday, January 25, 2016

Hello......( with all due credit to Adele)

Well if  being housebound on day 4 of #blizzard16, plus a really lovely email or two from Rachel doesn't light a fire under my no blogging a*s,  what would?

Plus I woke this morning just blanketed by cats with a silent house and a chill in the air. I have an oil burner. It usually makes its presence known.

All signs pointed to no heat. The signs were correct. It was time to call the oil company and sit down at the computer.

Yes, I'm layered. I have a space heater, I am doing laundry trusting the heat from the dryer will help us out here. The oven is  warming awaiting ...who cares, the oven is on. Electric, no worries

I have on a hat, fingerless gloves and my ever present iced latte. Still crazy after all these years.

November and December just a work blur, the blur was enhanced by one of the front clerks underlining all the important details on orders with an orange hlghlighter. My eyes don't take in orange, it was if whole sentences were entirely blacked out. This made a busy season even more challenging.

I had a week in Miami early January. Best coffees ever, best music on the radio, too much food but since I was visiting my vacation buddy Larry there were many mornings at the gym, then more food.

I saw "Carol", it made me cry. I saw "The Danish Girl", it made me yawn. Edit people,edit.

I slept long and late. Larry is a 6am riser. You must have needed the sleep he said. Well yeah, my mind, body and eyes were spent. And with no Gus around I could sleep in. Sorry buddy, you're a pesty alarm clock.

Gus and Lucy? As charming, annoying, hungry, no I don't like that food, I want some crunchies, please turn on the faucet, let me out, let me in, as ever. B. is still our roommate and they live for the moment he opens his bedroom door and they can rush into his room. Gus to lounge on the bed,Lucy to teeter on the ironing board being all flirty.

We appreciate his presence. He assumed all shoveling duties for the storm keeping the door open for neighbors with babies, potluck dinners and football viewers.

We have not been bored, the power has stayed on, food has been plentiful, and Gus only fell in one snow drift. Though that was a worrisome few moments for me until a little wet,orange head popped out.

Just counted and realized 4 sentences have started with I. Not to make it all about me...

Have I forgotten anything? Yes, my doctors office wrote a very persuasive letter to my insurance company and my full migraine prescription is intact.

And you? Tell me about you.

UPDATE: The heat is on, the heat is on....apparently I was out of oil. Petro, my oil company is so far behind on deliveries they don't know when they can get a truck to my house. The tech ran out to a gas station, put 10 gallons of diesel in my 100 gallon tank and then said if they're not back by the time I use this up, approximately 2 days, I should get 10 gallons of diesel and fill it myself.

This is so wrong. I pay a great amount of money year round for automatic fill up, 24/7 service calls 365 days a year.

The tech could barely carry the gas cans around to my back yard tank. And now I'm supposed to top it up? And B goes out of town tomorrow?

This is so wrong in so many ways. Lucy is very grateful tho. That's something.