Friday, December 30, 2011

Drumroll Please!!

Under dimmed florescent lights, we blogged, read, text, chugged water, served cookies to the nurses, napped restlessly and cheered Tini on.

Hours in a hospital. Sometimes it was boring.  Sometimes alarming.  The staff at Washington Hospital Center showed nothing but compassion, patience and a fierce devotion to their mothers and babies to be.

Tini labored impressively but by 8:00AM a C-Section was agreed upon.

At 9:42, cord wrapped twice around his neck and head facing upward, Emil was delivered.

Welcome little elf.

xo Your Aunties

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Labor Day

As much as we appreciate all your suggestions for bringing on labor, none of them worked. So the powers that be have decided to induce Tini and Nirmal's baby.  We're now all sequestered in labor room #2.

I was at the mall when I got the call.  I was so excited I raced into J. Crew, did a lap among all the orange and hot pink clothes then hit up Starbucks for an iced grande skim latte.  Not so sure if I needed the caffeine.

GG and I packed as if for an overnight flight.  Extra socks, a cashmere hoodie, moccasins to replace the Uggs ( yes, Uggs might be so 5 years ago but these rooms are cold) moisturizing lotions, nuts, cheese, crackers, apples and bottles of water, books, magazines, newspaper and of course a computer:)

We were told it could take anywhere from 12 hours to three days.  Tini is already impatient with the whole procedure and would like to move it along.

Um they have just upped the pertosin so it sounds like it is starting to work.....

 I know it's a holiday week but hoping you all keep posting, it's a wonderful distraction for all of us.


Well all of us but Tini.  She's a little busy.

xo Jane

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Majority Rules

And me?  Oh you oven and refrigerator, doing laundry, mopping kitchen floor, arguing with the IRS.....humph, 2 out of 3 can't be wrong.

I'm off for a nap.

xo jane

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Hmmm I know I'm a little tired but it is a mystery  to me why I can't get my previous post to link up.

I've posted in intermittently all day and it never shows up on my dashboard.

That's my question.

Any answers?

Magical Thinking

I don't believe I can fit one more tiny morsel of food into my body.

Perhaps a sliver of toast? I can try but it seems hopeless. It all began at Tini and Nirmal's house on Christmas Eve.

There was a Spanish fisherman's stew served over rice with a beautiful salad full of baby greens, toasted pecans, thin slices of apples and creamy goat cheese.

There may have been plates full of smoked salmon and a runny brie napped with a cranberry chutney and pistachios, that came before or I might be dreaming.  And perhaps a large platter of cookies and a bowl of clementines to finish.

Christmas dinner was at our house.  We served a beef tenderloin with a horseradish creme sauce with a touch of orange zest, a very big bowl of olive oil smashed potatoes with roast garlic and rosemary from our garden and snappy green beans with a shower of fresh dill.

We finished with a pear frangipani pear tart and very strong coffee.  If I say the meal was consumed in reverent silence I would not be exaggerating.

 At the end of the evening GG and I drove a friend back into the city and then took a slow ride along the National Mall, past the museums whose streetlamps were hung with boxwood kissing balls on up to the Capitol with the brightly tree lit in the  foreground..  We had the city to ourselves.  It was a magical mystery tour.

Speaking of magic does anyone have any down home recipes for bringing on labor?   A soup, a secret salad dressing, a tea blend?

Tonight I'll be serving chicken paprikash with  egg noodles. Betting on the properties of paprika.  But we have a mother to be who is 2 days overdue and getting a leetle bit impatient.

We missed welcoming a Christmas baby and the mother would prefer not to have a little auld lang syne so if you have a suggestion, send it ASAP!