Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Hmmm I know I'm a little tired but it is a mystery  to me why I can't get my previous post to link up.

I've posted in intermittently all day and it never shows up on my dashboard.

That's my question.

Any answers?


  1. Could it be scheduled for a future date and/or time. Does it say "Scheduled" when you see the post in your Dashboard?

  2. Sometimes I have to go to "Edit Post" section and checkmark the post and go to the bottom and click on "Publish" and that works. - Well you let us know if you get it to work? xo

  3. It has done that to me before but I get comments so it must be appearing somewhere!!!!! Blogger seems to be playing up more than usual at the moment! good luck xx

  4. I think it's hiding below this one...

  5. When Razmataz said it was hiding below, I went to look and it wasn't there but when I went to "older Posts" it was there...I went back to my dashboard and pulled your blog up to show all that you have posted and it wasn't there, very strange?!

  6. Hi Jane

    I send my sympathy and regret I don't have a solution.

    Hope it resolves


  7. WTF?? It's there. I clicked "Older Post" and read it with several comments. Blogger must have had too much grog tonight!

    Great photo of the Capital.

  8. Sorry Jane I am a bit technically challenged - however from your previous post (and the food sounded heavenly by the way, all of it DELISH) raspberry leaf tea was good for me to induce labour. Or, for a friend of mine (and this was recently) a special labour inducing massage (by a trained person of course, in her case a "Doula") - the babe was born at home within 30 mins of the massage finishing though!!!! XXXX