Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Now I'm Back, Just To Let You Know......


Don't ask me. It's like going to the gym or AA meetings or anything else that makes you feel good.

Stop doing it and it's so hard to get going again.

But I'm gonna give it a go. Play catch up.

Iwentontwovacations,atelotsoflobster,readtoomanybooks,walkedablisteronthebottomofmy footinP'Town,sawsunsets,sundowns,sufferedthroughhottestmosthumidsummer,lostplants,

Wait, this deserves it's own time and space.The gun store did NOT open in August.

The community made such a loud and constant noise that the landlord gave up. He owns a hair salon on the same block and his business was over. Kaput. Day after day he and the other hairdressers sat there, day after day no one came, well except to complain or to drop off a letter telling him why they weren't coming.

He kept telling me he had made a mistake but what could he do. He had a lawyer, he got another lawyer, the gun shop had an NRA lawyer. I would go to the NRA website and read about the far left liberals who were attempting to stop this former Marine from fulfilling his life's dream. a second store with more room to stock assault weapons.

When you are mentioned by name twice on such a website it makes your eyeballs spin around in your head.

Then the fateful day arrived, the owner got his permit from Richmond, the capital of Virginia. he was now licensed to sell guns in Arlington.

He brought the letter to the landlord and waved it in his face and asked what he was going to do about it.

The landlord did the right and honorable thing, he bought him out of his lease. And then he made two signs that looked like they were drawn by schoolchildren. They had smiley faces all over them and the words "no guns".

The town went wild! People came racing onto the block jubilant. They went into all the stores hugging and congratulating all of us who had dodged the bullet.....literally.They honked and waved as they drove past. Not a week goes by that someone doesn't come into the store and say how happy they are about the outcome.

So many people told me you can't fight the NRA, they have lawyers, guns and money.

But we had heart and soul on our side.

And in a rare instance of justice, we won.

Now that's a happy ending!