Monday, July 6, 2015

Once Upon A Time

I wrote a long blogpost a few hours ago and then the computer ate it. Editing?

I don't have the heart to do it again so I'll just give you the bullet points.

Owners out of town for 24 days, 4 to go.

In that time we have had our flower cleaner quit, our driver tear ligaments in his ankle and massive amounts of rain fall both from the heavens and from our roof, close to the computers natch.

And not just one rainfall.

While we haven't been busy at work, we've been busy at work.

On the home front the Swiss intern arrived on the 3rd just in time to experience total hood immersion holiday style.

The party started around 4:00. I left at 11:pm, she came home at 2:00am and the stalwart rocked it until 5:30am.

We take the 4th of July very seriously around here.

She was amazed by the welcome; her calender is full, the neighbors are smitten. We hate to leave the block so when I show up with a  fairytale creature all long limbs, black hair and navy blue eyes, tatts and an accent....

Well let's just say my black bean/ brown rice salad was redundant.

I had already paid the price of admission.

So when shop owners return on Saturday and I get the hell outta dodge on Monday the 13th. the cats will have a built in babysitter, the neighbors will all be babysitting the babysitter and the garden will grow thick with weeds. ( outta dodge is off to Cape Cod and my friend Susan's house which contains the best guest room in the universe. Not to mention a stream of delicious food, 3 white doggies, proximity to lobster rolls and a perfect showerhead)

Weeds. That's the Brothers Grimm twist for you.