Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Aftershock Survival Summit

Swear to God this is this first available moment I have had to myself since I wrote my Thanksgiving post.

And this is what, Sunday?

Tini says she's waiting to see how I sum up our holiday dinner.  I said the best I can think of is " Have you heard the one about what happened when the Englishman, the German and the Indian sat down at the table?

 Can anybody say tower of babel? But the food was delicious and there were no misunderstandings over who wanted coffee and who wanted tea.  And everybody loved the pie. Momentarily all were in accord.

And so I remember next year: it takes 2 and 1 half hours to cook a 14 lb. turkey cut into two.  That's all Jane,  plan accordingly.

And my personal Black Friday?  Spent, as always, in the company of 5 co workers for 10and a 1/2 hours decorating a law firm.  4 trees, miles of stairwells, balconies and walls of wreaths. Shared leftovers, several Starbucks runs, and the rather large disappointment of having a trees lights burn out.  After being decorated. 

Saturday morning 2 of us were back with a new 7.5 ft. tree, more ornaments, a ladder and a  very colorful vocabulary.  Could you hear us, I bet security could.

Meanwhile we had a house guest.  The Hai was staying with us.  Patiently spending the days with the lab and the box cat waiting for conversation, the excuse to pop open another bottle of champagne and the inevitable cry "What's for dinner"?

But now it's Sunday morning and of the advice of several of you I have overslept, and as soon as I sign off we're out for a dog walk and then some quiet time with a  morning coffee and the Sunday papers.

And what have you all been up to while I've been ruining my complexion?


  1. What kind of amazing pie? Do you deliver? FedEx?

  2. Those darn [substitute another word if you want] lawyers! Always causing trouble for someone.

    Your Thanksgiving sounds just perfect - a spicy blend of friends, family and food. Hope it is just the first in a season of good will and good food - is there a theme here? of course!

    And, don't work too hard! xoxo

  3. That pie looks amazing! 10-1/2 hours decorating a law firm????? Sounds like a scene out of a movie. Can you come decorate my house? I did hang a wreath yesterday...

  4. Unfortunately, I've spent the long weekend, sneezing, groaning, and wishing for pie I only now realize existed.

  5. I'm enchanted by that crazy staircase decor! Wow, miles of that? Bet it brings smiles to even the grumpiest lawyers.
    I just ate the last piece of pumpkin pie for breakfast!

  6. We don't decorate...the cats don't care and I'm lazy! I always spend Christmas elsewhere. Enjoy your Sunday--you earned the rest!

  7. Hi Jane,

    It sounds like you have been awfully busy. It must be nice decorating for Christmas though :-)!

    Glad to hear you overslept and enjoyed it!

    Wish you a happy new week,

    Madelief x

  8. I love decorating but prefer doing it all myself. That way I don't have to compromise. :-)

  9. Is that homemade cherry pie? It looks perfect, mmmm!

    Hope you are not too exhausted? NBx

  10. The disappointment is intense! Someone ate my piece of pie!!!!! You were meant to keep me just a small piece.
    What a wonderful day you must have had. xx

  11. Been eating too much and dreaming too big. Hope Black Friday work paid double time for your long hours. Seems like anyone who can function the day after such feasting deserves that.

  12. Hi Jane

    Happy to hear you celebrated Thanksgiving.

    Following the decoration of the law firm, I gather you skipped the workout with your trainer!!!
    From the look of the stairs I think you got your workout.

    Helen xx

  13. Morning all, I was hoping Tini might hop on here and comment on the pie since she was the creator.

    Though I did enjoy a day of people believing I could bake.....

    There were assorted berries and a handful of wild was sweet and slightly tart and rich and buttery.

    And I did have an extra piece sitting here for anyone (Julienne) who wanted a bite but by 5:00PM yesterday but resolve has weakened and i ate it. Sorry.

    Indeed Helen, no workout needed!

  14. That pie looks perfect. And yes, the Christmas decor starts. I'm a wee jealous. I wish I had some corporate holiday work...I think??

  15. This pie... It looks so good. Cranberries were involved. Nice.

    I saw a fabulous play on Saturday. I know you would have loved it.

    Hope you are napping...

  16. Wow, life is never about my cooking, this is very exciting. I'm not sure how to share the pie recipe since I only know how to cook in my Thermomix and I am incapable of actually sticking to a recipe. What I did make was an organic berry pie: blueberries, raspberries, cranberries and mushed apples to help sweeten. Here's the recipe it was based on:
    Cheerio, Tini

  17. Oh I can imagine the frustration over the Christmas tree lights going out AFTER they were on the least you had company to exchange colorful vocab. and pie!

  18. Just catching up on the last few posts. The pie and the staircase decorations both look wonderful. I don't envy you that work, myself. I think it's fun decorating one's own home, but wonder if it doesn't get a bit old when you're doing it all the time for work? You certainly make it look like a joy, though.

    Well done on sticking with your resolve on banishing those wicked cigs, by the way (now I'm commenting on an earlier post, I suppose that's cheating.)

    BTW, did I miss something regarding flowers in the house this month? Are we skipping this month or did it just get lost in the holiday fray? If you want to do it next Monday, I'm game!

  19. Thank you Tini, you are now a blogosphere baking legend!