Monday, December 14, 2009

quel dommage!

what you don't want to hear, when you're standing in your packed mud room, being stabbed by an agave as you reach for a platter, is the sound of an almost fully decorated tree starting to fall over. no, you don't. especially when there are 9 people and a dog between you and tinkling tree, and the tree, remember, is in a large vase filled with water and stones. are these run on sentences? tree was caught and saved, vase thrown out, stones collected, floor mopped up and up and up. Tini raced across street and returned with a ginormous tree stand, i hate tree stands but had to be grateful for this one. otherwise tannenbaum was going in an old dirty plaster bucket. decorating continued with more than a touch of hysterical gaiety. ornaments continued to be broken, beers knocked over, and our same 10 really bad christmas songs continued to play in the back ground.
now i must go sweep and hoover, again.


  1. Been there, done that!!!

  2. ruh-roh! I was wondering how you kept your vase from breaking all these years, when mine lasted only one season! I'm sure the tree is beautiful, though.

  3. sprout, i feel slightly better. there's always a price to pay for creativity, no?

    gwen, this was my second vase. quess yrs. of dropping handfuls of rocks into it finally paid off! plus this was a much bigger tree, needed to be anchored. now i have a green plastic stand as big as a bathtub. grrrrrr. it is beautiful tho, especially if you're looking up!

  4. Hey but Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without incident!

  5. Bonjour! Just wanted to stop by and thank you for following along and your kind note. Sorry to hear about your tree mishap - I'm with you baout those ugle tree stands. I'm off to check out your older posts and will be following along.
    Have a fabulous week!

  6. jane, i always hope the incidents would stay at work! but, no, i had to create a day at the shop.

    bonjour romance, welcome, two of the blogs keeping me happy these days are yours, especially with the postings of the flower shops at christmas (sigh) and flower design jane's pictures from the dutch markets. visual inspiration is my life's blood.