Sunday, December 13, 2009

rainy days and sundays

sunday morning, seriously raining. today we put up the tree, which mean we spend an hour deconstructing said tree. we cut off about 4 feet of branches then take off about 3 feet of height. this gives us a tree both tall and small enough to sit in a very large vase, then fill the vase with rocks for balance. the extra branches fill up pots and window boxes outside. nothing is simple at smallbutcharming. after making extra work for ourselves, we prepare a delicious meal for friends who do the actual decorating. Anne, also a floral designer, has been lighting my trees for decades. another longtime friend, Blaise, hangs ornament upon ornament. long after i would have lost interest, he's still hanging 'em. other friends, and the dog, mill about, laughing, talking and generally getting in the way. before i gear up for a rainy mess outside, here are a few arrangements from yesterday at the shop. despite a day that seemed scripted by Ken Keesey, my co workers managed to pull off some christmas magic.


  1. All of the arrangements are beautiful. You have very talented coworkers.

  2. Hey, how did it go today? I went out in The Elements, and got some - considerable - shopping out of the way. There's more, but that'll come day by day. Want to get it all done so can help out next Saturday. Told Marnie, can't commit yet though...I'm sure your house looks beautiful.

  3. OMG i'll post tomorrow. it was as if marnie was in charge!