Monday, September 12, 2011

On Weeds And Weddings And Wombs

 For the first time in forever I got to work in the garden. The weeds were my height so we could see eye to eye on many matters particularly regarding their removal. They had to go was the decision.  I only got to do 2 beds, but another day, another square foot of dirt. I'll be back were my parting words.

For the first time in forever I got to have lunch with the "crazies", my Monday pals Anne and Blaise. We ate Vietnamese, drank Starbucks, shopped for a dress for me to wear October 1st when I do the flowers and then attend the wedding of my friend Rina.  This will be her 4th marriage.  A triumph of hope over experience indeed. 

And does anybody remember the ex ( the nice one who fixes things, according to Marie) and his pregnant, vegetarian, midwife partner?

Irregardless, I am happy to announce that their baby girl, Nora Grace,  born on  September 10th.

Got your self another Virgo,eh Tony?  This one's your daughter and word on the street is she's got quite a pair of lungs. Love to the 3 of you and we can't wait to spoil, I mean meet the baby.

All this goodness has made me rather giddy and very hungry and a little teary eyed to be truthful.

It is a wonderful world isn't it?  Full of weddings and babies and old friends and new clothes and a full moon in Pisces.


  1. Yes, flwrjane, it is a wonderful world.

    Virgos rule!

  2. Now you mention it, it is a wonderful world, indeed a wonderful weedy world, and what a beautifully named baby.

  3. Looks likes all's right in your world - at least for the moment. Happiness - and grace - to all! xo

  4. I love how succinctly and with such charm and heart you convey how lovely and messy life is. Nora and Grace are two of my very favorite names and very pretty together. Nora Grace is lucky to have you in her life.

  5. Lucky baby Nora Grace to have such awesome Aunties!!! Hope Mom likes to share!

  6. Now there's a post title you don't see every day. I hear ya on the weeds. I did same on Saturday and my yard waste can overfloweth. And I'm only half done.

    "A triumph of hope over experience" is a wonderful line. Got a good chuckle out of that.

    Welcome, Nora Grace!

  7. Oops, that's me just above. I'm having trouble commenting. Steve

  8. Aw there's nothing like a wedding and a new baby to get you blubbing! How are you with weeds? I get a bit manic, once I start I can't stop! Have a great week, love Linda x

  9. I'm being very good with my weeds lately, bought myself a hoe and get them early!

    and yes it does sound like a wonderful world :) x

  10. John, You know it! Happy Birthday:)

    Mise, I'm thinking something in pink? What do you say to that?

    Webb, One day at a time here in the Commonwealth:)

    Jen, Thank you. Life is messy but good.

    Shelley, good point....

    Steve, If you can't comment Shelley and I will give up blogging. Right Shelley?

    Linda, Totally manic. Tennis elbow manic. sigh.

    Deb, This past weekend was the first time we could even get into the garden thanks to constant rain. I think the hoe was left outside and is now part of a bindweed exhibit.

  11. Yes Jane, it's a wonderful world and a wonderful life. Congrats! Karin/