Monday, March 7, 2011

Etiquette 101

When having the ex and his new to the house for brunch, remember to ask a few questions in advance.

For instance, how tall is she? This is a key question, especially if you stand  5' 2 "( and a 1/2 inch)  in ballet flats. You will find yourself  being dwarfed  by a 6 ft man, your own 5'10' girlfriend  and the new who is 5'8" but wearing boots, which added inches. You might develop a crick in your neck if the goodbyes go on too long.

And please remember to ask for any food likes, dislikes or allergies.  Then you won't be sauteing up a pan of delicious sausages from The German Store in front of a 3 month pregnant vegetarian.  It was touch and go there for a minute folks.  But if you open windows and doors to the great outdoors, the scent dissipates quickly and stomachs settle.

You can move the plate of thinly sliced Swiss ham to the other end of the table and focus on granola and berries and cheeses and rustic farm breads, soft boiled eggs and a quickly prepared plate of tomatoes and avocados.

Though the most important questions are asked face to face.  When is the baby due? September.
And will you come back to visit soon?

Our family is getting bigger.  We are thrilled. 


  1. Babies all around!
    And that cheese looks super good :-)

  2. Good to see that your honey bear is getting out a bit:)

  3. That cheese board looks delicious (do vegetarians eat cheese?!!!) The family sounds amazing and how wonderful you are sharing in it all xo

  4. Excellent save.

    And glad to see you are still enjoying citrus season.



  5. Ha! I have the same height issues. Sounds like it was still a nice time!

  6. Very good advice...what a fun and interesting day that must have been! I'm glad you were able to save the day. At least everything looked pretty! :)

    Nothing like a baby to make things all better!

    Have a great week ~

  7. Sara Louise, Babies for all! Well, all who want one:)

    countingdandelions, Ha! I forgot all about that. 1st picture a happy accident, what's to come?

    Julienne, They can, vegans don't. Thank God she did and an egg. GG told me to ask, i forgot:(

    Jamie, What will we eat when the citrus is done? we go through 2 cases a week. Could probably do 3.

    Jane, Bet you're like me and am not even aware of it until you're surrounded.

    Sarah, GG saved the day with the vegetable plate. And we're pretty psyched about the baby. Hope they call it Jane.

  8. Hell's bells, the veggie nightmare scenario - did exactly the same to a friend's fiancee on New Year's Eve a few years ago - steaming hock of ham poor love, (which must rank up there with frying sausages!). Sounds like you and GG saved the day with granola and love, always a sound combo.xx

  9. hi jane,

    how sweet of you to be so considerate. while i'm in utah skiing, my father in law makes bratwurst every night to accompany whatever it is i'm preparing for dinner. let me tell you that bratwurst stinks and it's way too cold to open any doors or windows. also, what a fantastic, lovely family you have. would you consider adopting (me)?


  10. Jinkies! But you pulled it off. You even freed Honey from (his? her?) cabinet. Job well done.

  11. You are so sweet to hurry and make changes to make her feel at ease (ex maybe could have thought about the two important facts and mentioned them...oh, wait..he's a man, ugh). Anyway you and GG are both hostesses of the mostesess!

  12. Again you didn't invite me, sheesh!


  13. Belinda, at least we knew she was pregnant! One less bomb. When i think of the deliciousness I could have cooked...

    Janet, I adopted you from after our first exchange. When you come to visit i promise: NO Meat!

    Denise, We did,thanks to Honey. Everybody loves a bear.

    Miss, P., My you are a tall one. Good advance warning for our meeting. xo

    Sherri B., he apparently told me in October about the diet, not the height), but of course I forgot:( My bad.

    Sue, It's open ended. Mi casa is su casa.

  14. You always make me laugh! To me it sounds like you have the most wonderful family, extended or not!

  15. Wowee, there's some news for ya!! Baby stuff, how crazy is that?!

  16. Well how funny! cheese always saves the day.. is that brie? Love brie, I'm only 5'2, my children tower over me x

  17. Jane,
    You are so lucky to have such wonderful people in your life and they are even luckier to have you. I can only wish that my ex's new wife were half as understanding as yours is, so we could expand our family instead of shattering it. But I keep hoping someday she'll come around! Sounds like another great weekend at your house! Karin

  18. Lotta, it's true, we do. And we love when another leaf gets added to the table, if you catch my metaphor!

    Gwen, I know. Can you believe it?! I cried when I heard. Happy tears.

    Deborah, It's a Port Salut. Triple rich goodness.
    Oh good,another XS.

    Karin, Maybe it helps that no one was/is actually married (yet). I am lucky, she's lovely and a nice,nice fit for the man. They're going to make a beautiful baby.

  19. Jane I love that you are all encompassing with your ex and his girlfriend and consider the the new baby as part of your extended family. As life should be, but often isn't. XX

  20. Tony will be a fantastic daddy. And you'll be the bestest of Aunties!!! (Nele, too.)

  21. Would that all folks could be a open to past, present and even future relationships and not let their lives be ruled by jealousy. I'd expect nothing less of you. xoxo

  22. This post cracked me up on a number of levels, but especially as a fellow wee one - also at 5'2.5"... though I usually claim, "I'm five feet, two and three quarters of an inch... on a good day." (Smile)

    I so enjoy your blog - mind if I link it on mine?

  23. If my exes and New Ones came to dinner it would be Sunday bloody Sunday :-)

    Heheheh. You remind me of the night I made a bouillabaisse that smashed every budget record with lobster and crab and shrimp and...the main guest kept kosher and ate no shellfish.

    I have never since failed to ask about what people eat and won't eat eat.

    The other side of etiquette, of course, is Inform Thine Host.