Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Of Meat And Men

Hmmm, how to keep this post brief. Just the facts...

Ok, my ex came to visit and help us out on Monday. He and I bought the house together in 2001. By 2004 he was tired of city living and wanted to hit the trail. Not so much me, so I stayed, he went; there was of course paperwork.

He's hiked and worked on the Appalachian Trail, lived and worked on farms, Christmas tree and otherwise, skied and snowshoed in Oregon. He came back and ran the Marine Corp Marathon. I believe he's living the life he wanted. I'm still here, now with GG and our back door frame was rotting. Tony to the rescue. Unfortunately it was more than just the frame. Many hours later, and a mild heat stroke, we have a whole new back wall, complete with siding and he sweetly gifted us a new back door. Not to mention hours of travel and labor.

So we thanked him profusely and fed him.

I knew it would be hot on Monday and I had to work, so on Sunday I oven braised 2 beef round roasts slowly at 300 degrees for 5 hours. They sat in their juices all night and all day till I arrived home. After some time spent annoying Tony and taking pictures, I steamed some potatoes, made a vinaigrette with a touch of dijon, finely chopped garlic and both balsamic vinegar and fresh lemon. I sliced the beef, peppers and little red onions from the garden and tossed it all with the dressing. After the potatoes cooled and were sliced I added them, some more vinaigrette, salt and pepper and we covered it all with a mound of freshly picked and chopped parsley and basil. Oh, and some finely diced cornichons. GG ran to the store for a baguette and some cheese, she brought back a triple cream cheese and outrageously ripe raspberries. The beef salad was served on a mound of greens.

The appetites were large, this post is not short but the gratitude is endless. It's impossible to encapsulate love and thanks. Food always helps though.

Thank you Tony, happy trails in Vermont and have fun on the 2 month bike tour of the south. We'll see you in January. Love always, Jane


  1. I like your outdoor lamp.

    I dislike cornichons

    I love the love you have

  2. How lucky you are to have such a good relationship with your ex. If only everyone could be so accepting of each other. I admire you both for that. And on a lesser note - those raspberries look sinfully good!

  3. From the other Karen (with an e).

    I like the fact that you are such good friends with your ex (who is living the life *I* wish I could have, it seems). That fact seems to have slipped Bevelry Willett's mind (along with all vestages of sanity):

  4. What a splendid door! And what an impressive relationship you and your ex have with each other!

  5. Hi Jane,

    You are very fortunate to have such a good relationship with your ex! Lucky you he helps you out when needed.

    Your stew looks good. Your ex must have been very happy with such a delicious looking reward.

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  6. My invitation must be stuck in the mail - wow! you're going for Marie-status! Great meal.

  7. HE?

    Wot's Marie status?

    Looks deleesh :-)

  8. Sounds like a lot of different kinds of generosity going around here - hats off.xx

  9. Miss P, The pickles will be omitted for your tasting. x

    Karin, I know how unusually lucky I am. And those raspberries are still a delicious memory.

    Karin, OMG i read it. Guess she never heard of letting go.

    Rachel, Love the door. And yes, we're lucky people. But we do work on it.

    Madelief, No wonder he's always on some trail or other, too many things going wrong in the house. Best be far away!

    Webb, Your is is a standing invitation. I'm nowhere near kitchen/garden goddess statue, but it was a tasty meal.

    Marie, I'm an equal opportunity lover. It's always the person not the gender for me.
    Bloggers- always surprising.

  10. That's a wholesome dose of goodness in one post. And the hefty door will probably last a few generations.

  11. hi jane,

    i'm breaking my rules here but i must comment on your ex. what a guy! is he still single? i have a friend...


  12. Mise, hefty dose, I like that...

    Janet, Strangely enough he was single until a month ago. Now he's met someone and he seems pretty smitten. She's a vegetarian, be interesting to see if his eating habits change...You've made such an impression on me one of the first things I asked him was he now a vegan or vegetarian. Funny that.

  13. There's a whole lot of different kinds of generosity going on here, hats off to you all.x

  14. Don't know where exactly you live,but know from the news here in the UK that 'EARL' is heading your way, so hope he either keeps out of yours, or that you keep safe.

  15. How awesome. I also love all the love you have.