Friday, September 3, 2010

Thank You India, Thank You Clarity, Thank You Thank You Silence

There's a winged ballet in my yard this morning. Birds, butterflies and bees are humming and twittering and swooping and buzzing. I don't twitter but the birds do.

I love that South Ode street seems to be on everyone's migratory map.

The hurricane has passed us by, but we we awoke to cooler weather for the weekend. Heaven. Saturday will be spent at work (lucky bride with temps in the high 70's) Sunday and Monday will be spent outside as much as possible.

Today, September 4th marks the 1 year anniversary of this blog. I should be doing a give away but I can't think of anything clever enough to give away. So until inspiration strikes I'll give you all a big thank you. Thank you for making time to come and visit me in my inner world. Thank you for relating to and commenting on my posts. Thanks you for the emails and the snail mails and the constant inspiration your own blogs provide. Thank you for the recipes and the gardening tips and decorating ideas, the book suggestions, the laughs and occasionally the tears. Thanks for welcoming me into your life and sharing in mine.

And of course a big thank you to Marie who casually responded to a comment I left on her blog and told me it sounded like I should write my own, blog that is. So I did, I'm easy that way. Any other suggestions?


  1. My only suggestion is to keep it up! I read very few blogs (Marie's included) and it's crazy how I stumbled upon them and can't seem to NOT read them. Yours and the few others are welcome escapes. Although there are differences in our lives, the similarities makes for some sort of feeling of kinship. Thanks!

  2. Now I'm going to dig out that cd...haven't listened to it in a while :-)

    Happy One Year. Maybe after this you'll write a book? You have the title...


  3. Congrats on one year! I'm so glad that I found your blog and as is usually the case, one inspiration begat another, because I considered your blog to be one of my inspirations to start my own blog. Thank you and keep up the good work. Karin

  4. Hi Jane,

    Congratulatins on your first blogging anniversary!! Thank you for showing us part of your life and leaving those sweet comments. I am very happy to have you as a blog friend!

    What I am wondering about. Isn't your title part of a song? It is isn't it? I like it!

    Happy weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  5. Susan In Reno, Thanks for the comment and thanks for the ID. I always wonder who the visitor from Reno is! Keep coming back.

    Marie, Oh dear God. Must you always raise the bar? I told you I was suggestible...

    Karin, Many thanks. I am honored to read that. And am loving reading your new blog:)

    Madelief, Mutual, you beautiful gardener you.
    The song is an old one by Alanis Morrisett called "Thank You". I am a person who bursts into song on any occasion ( poorly) and this song often pops into my head when I am feeling grateful.

  6. Hey flwrjane - woo hoo to your First aniversary. You and Coriander Girl share the same anniversary dates..! Always love your blog for an escape. Thanks and keep it up..from your Irish follower with a very wet, soggy and weed ridden plot! Sinead p.s. my suggestion is open a bottle of vino and turn the music up and celebrate!

  7. Well done on blogging for a whole year - that's a lot of good communicating. I guess your blog will remain charming but cease to be small?

  8. And congratulations to you (and a tip of the hat to Marie, also) for not only a year as a blogger, but inspiring me to do *my* blog, too.

    It is a circle of life, isn't it?

  9. Happy blog birthday!

    And thanks for the kindest words about my poppies that made me feel so chuffed back in the early summmer.

    As for new challenges... magazine columnist or International BBQ Tutor, one or the other. Clearly, the latter would get my vote, but I think the former would be an absolute winner atcually. Like an US Caitlin Moran (Times columnist who makes me cry with laughter and exclaim aloud to my newspaper, which is odd but strangely enjoyable!).

    Mainly though, for the sake of us, your bloggees, keep providing a small chink of a view into a life we do not share but find so charming!

  10. The problem with not being a regular blogger or looker at others, is that when you do see an interesting post, or as happened earlier this last week when I wanted to send you a 'keep safe' kind of message re hurricane, you probably don't bother to read the later comments. I had hoped you would see my little message, but obviously not.

  11. ...and I missed it! Congratulations on your 'blog anniversary'! I so enjoy my visits with you and your return visits, long may they continue. xx

  12. hi jane,

    well you're a big girl now. i have no idea how i found you, or maybe you found me. i'm just glad we did. i adore your writing and photos and everything else you do. this is blogging at it's best, connecting the unlikely.
    do whatever you want with this blog, it's yours. but i love the way you always manage to make it small but charming. really, it's you.

    your friend from southern california,


  13. Urban Stems, Thank you for providing such a happy little blog space for me to visit. And for having a weedy garden also:)

    Mise, Charming, I hope so, witty like yours, i wish.

    Karen, It is a circle of life, via comments. If you hadn't commented on mine I wouldn't have been led to view your incredible photos. A daily pleasure

    Belinda, I like the BBQ tutor idea. Hopefully people will pay for us to come to them. Shall you start saving? Summer 2011. I could be there, lighter in hand.

    Maggie, i did read your comment and was touched by it. i went to your blog to thank you, but then got to reading your long post and forgot about myself. Sorry. And thanks for the concern!

    Julienne, Don't worry the party will go on for days! xo

  14. Janet, My early morning friend. it's 5:30 there. What are you up to? Thank you for the friendship and the beautiful little pillow that immediately found a home on my favorite chair. Thanks for the laughs and the gossip and the home truths. xo

  15. Jane,

    Belated happy blogaversary! You know I think of the as the girl down the street. Ninety miles is so short. Love your blog and have "stolen" a lot of your friends and their good blogs. Lift a glass to many more years!

  16. Happy anniversary! It's been a pleasure to meet you :-)

  17. Happy anniversary.

    a whole year.

    such fun.

    First anniversary is paper.

    Maybe you should write a book?

    or do Twitter?

  18. Webb, I feel the same way. Hope your garden is looking better than mine, but maybe you don't have a lot of time for it right now? Thinking of you and hoping all goes smoothly.

    Sara Louise, Back at you:)

    Miss P., Hhmm, paper. Maybe light a grill?

  19. You, lighter in hand, me lighter of pocket. I'll search out my old piggy bank!x

  20. I'm so glad we've crossed paths. Happy blog anniversary, dear!