Sunday, September 5, 2010

Isn't It Ironic?

Don't you think?

Not to belabor the pun, I mean point, but after my last post title here is the fantastical sight that greeted us at 9:30 this morning in the hotel parking lot by our house.

A beautiful sunshiny day, fantastic music, a tall white horse bearing a turbaned groom. Amidst people dancing, saris shining, drums beating and a garland maker was a sleep rumpled blonde darting among the glamour, trying to get a few good shots for your viewing enjoyment.

I will stop pestering you now and go work in the garden.

Oh, I almost forgot the tiny dancer!


  1. jane - life is unpredicatably, fantastically awesome some times.


  2. NIce alarm clock of a Sunday I say!

  3. The charms of living in a cosmopolitan city! That is one good horse, tolerating all those people and the commotion. What a lovely and colorful sight! Great post!

  4. Sue, Right? I wish I had video of her dancing up and down and all around.

    Janet, I know! How lucky to be awake and alive to enjoy it.

    Urban stems,It woke our roommate up, he was all grumpy. We're like grumpy? You should be dancing!

    Anneke, It was a very patient horse. Sometimes in lieu of a horse ( or vice versa) there is a white elephant!

  5. My friend rode the elephant...wish I'd seen it!

  6. Here's the wonderous side of our multi-cultural nation!

  7. Such a sweet and colourful gathering early in the morning. It's must have made the start of your day extra special!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  8. Gwen Should have been here!

    Webb, I know, sometimes Virginia seems to be more that a state.

    Madelif, It did. we had happy hearts all day.

  9. great snaps.
    i wish i had seen that tiny dancer.
    she looked adorable.

  10. Perfection. Ah, it is at sights like this that I miss DC..!