Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Life Is Short ( Show Dessert First)

Early Tuesday evening. Busy day at work and I should be putting dinner together.

But I wanted to post a few photos from our farewell to summer dinner on Sunday.

We did a shrimp boil again, but this time we cooked the full monty: new potatoes, sausage from the farmers market, chunks of onion and bell peppers, white corn and pounds and pounds of shrimp. Tini brought one of her beautifully composed salads, bread from a Mexican bakery in Maryland and her new beau, Nirmal. He brought a great sense of humor, an eagerness to do dishes and a mocha cake, with the faintest hint of cinnamon from the same bakery. Nirmal is very popular in our house.

We also welcomed the French Lieutenant"s Woman, or the Major's partner, whatever you prefer. Annika moved here from California this weekend. It's gotta be love to leave that climate for Virginia. Now we all await the Major's return together.

So welcome to the new faces and love to absent friends and hoping you all had a fabulous weekend.

P.S. In case you didn't read my former shrimp boil post ( the lesser monty) paper towels, not napkins are a tradition, as is a newspaper tablecloth. We are not savages, just traditionalists.


  1. Looks so good! I guess you forgot to mail my invite, again!


  2. I can't decide - move in with you and GG or Marie and Vince.

    Decisions, decisions, decisions. . .

  3. I have to do that. It looks wonderful.

    I used to buy shrimp and crabs from those barges on the Potomac...?

  4. I know I say it quite a bit, but your food photographs have my mouth watering! I want to come over!

  5. Newspaper tablecloths?

    You Americans.

    We use the newspaper to wrap our fish and chips in.

  6. Sue, Next time, promise.

    Karen, Month with each? And you can teach me to use my camera. Fair trade?

    Marie, You do, it's simple and delish. Love the marina for seafood.

    Sara Louise, You can never say it enough :)

    Miss P., At least we're both recycling. You eat fish and chips??

  7. Don't let Mitchell see this - he loves your shrimp boil! And I VANT the cake!! Now!

  8. Fine today went straight in!

    What a delicious looking meal can I have the leftovers please?!!

    Thanks for all your lovely words to me and your thoughts I really love them

    See you tomorrow? xx

  9. Cake first sounds like an excellent idea.

    In the summer holidays, my kids wanted to do a whole day backwards, roast dinner for breakfast, then lunch as lunch (BORING!) and breakfast before bed. It was the cooking a roast at 7am that killed it for me, but maybe we should give it a go!