Thursday, September 9, 2010


Ok, so I just finished reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I hadn't planned to read it, I'm not a big NY Times bestseller list reader, even though several of my friends had loved it.

Then, a friend gave it to me to read. And I finished it in a puddle of tears. I'm the same person who never saw Titanic because I hate to weep on cue. But I'm all for life affirming tales and this was one. Has anyone out there read it? What did you think?

On an entirely different note, I'm jonesing for curried vegetables. Guess it's the seasons changing, but I want to see a big bowl of beautifully colored and seasoned vegetables on the table. Does anyone have a good recipe for me to use? Do I want them with coconut milk added? I prefer to make my own curry powder but if there is a good ready made one out there I'll try it.

Enough questions, you all have your own dinners to prepare and books to write, I mean read.

But one more thing ( blog advice I've read: stick to one topic) a surprise from the garden today. One perfect iris. September, yesterday's temps 94degrees and I have one perfect iris open and more buds to go. La dolce vita. No?


  1. OK, I only garden via blogs (yours, Marie's, etc), but are irises supposed to bloom now? I have some Japanese irises under the azaleas that look like someone has been sleeping in them (field mice, rabbits, who knows?) No blooms.

    BTW, your photo doesn't look blonde to me. . .

  2. Like a ballerina, or butterfly, or Marilyn Monroe over the subway grate!

  3. hi jane,

    i like posts that are all over the place. they keep me on my toes.

    i'm not a big fan of curry, sorry, no help here.

    i have not read the book for same reasons you stated.

    iris is gorgeous. i just had a random peach one bloom.


  4. Wow, are we in sync or what - I just finished The Help last weekend. Brought so many memories, thoughts & ideas to the fore. We'll have to talk about it! Iris is perfect, and perfectly beautiful. Miss you. G

    Oh, and curry? That's an entire unexplored genre over here - and I have an explanation. More will be revealed!

  5. Karen, don't tell my hairdresser that. he would commit hari kari. I have never had them rebloom in September before...what a crazy garden year.

    Sprout, Your images are as pretty as the iris itself.

    Janet, somehow I knew that about you and the book. But if they make it into a movie I bet you go.

    Gwen, Glad somebody else read it. Perhaps we can discuss that and the mysteries of curry on the 25? It's almost your birthday...

  6. How funny! I thought the first image was a discarded tissue after the ending of the book! Had to go back to recognise that truly beautiful iris!!!!!!
    No haven't read it will check the library tomorrow xo

  7. Have not read the book but will put it on my list.. what a fab iris.. Sorry have been absent from blogs and commenting for a while and just scrolled down your last few posts - how nice you get on well with your ex. Always makes life easier and I am happy to say I do with mine....Oh and that yummy cake - divine! Good weekend to you. x

  8. Julienne, the thought of the discarded tissue got a large laugh out of me at 6:45 am.

    Semi Expat, you have been missed, but I'm sure you've been doing really envy producing things...

  9. Hello - I read The Help too and wasn't expecting much, but I did really enjoy it - well that sounds odd given the subject matter. I didn't enjoy reading such shocking stories of prejudice but I enjoyed the way the story was told. A good book for sure. Lou x

  10. I think there are some reblooming varieties, but you would already know if you had one of those. I think the flowers hated the summer as much as we did, and are putting out the blooms that they were too hot to put out earlier. My clematis are all blooming again, but alas no iris - altho I may go make a bud check this morning!

  11. I want that iris to wear in my hair.

  12. You're naughty.

    I dislike reading 'popular' books mit hype, even if they're good. And Titanic, with Celine Dion wailing away? I wished they would sink faster.

    Now I want curry, but it's going to be chicken, the Elephant's version. Thank you!

    I always vacillate between the milk/no milk...

  13. Hi you. No answers from me, how's that for helpful? I do like coconut milk with curry - and Moosewood has some fabulous veggie recipes...but I have no specifics... And I haven't read the book. And the weather needs to change already - same madness here!

    The iris, however, is beautiful.


    ps: Titanic?? For reals? Dude. (I'm not judging. Really.) ;)

  14. Hey Lou Boo, Welcome. It was so shocking to realize it was set in the 60's, not that long ago. Shame on us.

    Webb, I know my clematis too! Do you think the lilacs are next? Or do those brown leaves just signify death?

    Miss P,Only if you promise to take a picture of it. xo

    Marie, I know. But a little funny?

    Maria, Actually Moosewood, good idea. No DIDNT see Titanic,is was that bad?

  15. It's strange how autumn brings longings for different foods - I've been making curry this week (meat, though) but really, I've been hankering after a blast from the hippy past, and wanting to make brown rice and vegetables - and can't remember one decent recipe. And we all know what a disaster that dish could be in the wrong hands!

    I'll give The Help a try - I'm not keen on books or films that manipulate one's emotions too obviously, but it does sound good.....

  16. I did read it! My Mother in Law actually bought it for me (?). I admit I tore through it in a couple of sittings. I just couldn't stop casting it in my head for the movie version.

  17. Hey Jane,
    I just saw your comment on my blog. I did several sun salutations for friends who couldn't be there, so consider yourself covered on that:). I read The Help several months ago for the same reason as you - friends recommended it highly. I loved it. although I didn't grow up here, I now live in the part of the country that it takes place in, and not that long ago, either. It' so hard to believe that all of that took place in my own lifetime. Shameful. I'd like to think we're making progress, but sometimes I wonder. Anyway...well written story, I thought. Oh, and vegetable curry! YUM! I always go with coconut milk - lots and lots of coconut milk. I make my own, so can't recommend a mix. Karin