Monday, September 13, 2010

Back In Business

The lost weekend. Don't ever send me home from work on Saturday with a 548 page book, I'm an addict. The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton was the drug. Part fairy tale, part mystery, total enchantment. But I finished it this morning and I'm back.

There were also two football games to watch, a friend for dinner on Saturday, granola baking and food shopping on a lovely rainy Sunday. I know I washed a floor and did laundry, we ate and dog walked but mostly I read.

Today the sun in shining, my own forgotten garden is showing off it's freshly washed charms, GG is off to school, our roommate HeMan is off to work and it's just me. Well, me and a million birds and bees and butterflies. The lab is sleeping , the cat is attacking the end of her tail as if an enemy is residing there and the autumn blooming clematis is overtaking the garden.

Clematis vs bindweed, it's a war zone out there. I'm off to do battle.


  1. Obviously good! I will check tomorrow at the library. The garden looks beautiful!
    Julienne xx

  2. forgot to say I sent you the pumpkin salad recipe hope you got it 'cause it is rather good! xx

  3. Julienne, I did get it and it looks delicious! Hopefully by reading this post you know why I was so rude and didn't respond immediately. Mea Culpa. Thank you. xo

  4. I LOVE that lost in a book feeling.

    I know this makes me sound like a total nutter, but it looks a bit like God is speaking through the centre of that ipomea in the lovely top photo!

    Must be all the mystery, enchantment going around this post!

  5. Hi Jane,

    I read her book about a year ago and liked it just as much!! Enjoy your new week!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  6. hi jane,

    that is a fight i don't mind fighting.

    your weekend sounds like a slice o heaven.


  7. That is a great book! I thank Webb for putting me on to it, and I had a hard time putting it down too. Love your photos, you are an Artist!

  8. Belinda, Really? Best go listen then.

    Madelief, I would like to read my next book in your garden:)

    Janet, it was for me, hope no one was trying to tell me anything important though. like the morning glory...

    Anneka, Webb, huh? Have to see what she's reading now. The most beautiful picture of the morning glory was taken by German girl, i found it on the camera this morning. She's the true artist.

  9. Hey Jane,

    Girl, you sure write up a storm, must be all that reading you do! Your weekend and your account of the time in the garden this morning with the birds and the bees and the cat 'attacking the end of her tail as if an enemy is residing there', was bliss to read.

    Loved it!


  10. More Iris?

    Nothing is flowering in my garden.

    and it is getting cold, i bought a new hat and scarf.

    now i need it to get colder so that i can wear them without looking like an idiot.

    to be alone in a sunny garden is a precious thing.

  11. Note to self concerning commenting on blog posts: take a nanosecond to edit thoughts before committing them to the internet, thereby avoiding the appearance of having lost one's mind or having been nibbling on magic mushrooms.

    I still think the photo is amazing though!

  12. good to know, i like books that are part make believe ha! need more of that. had surgery on my finger last week and i'm playing catch up w/everything. glad yr well !!

  13. You paint a wonderful picture and the garden photos are wonderful. Glad you had a relaxing weekend and enjoyed your book. x

  14. Sue, Why thank you. That was bliss to read!

    Miss P., Yes it is, a precious thing that is.
    Puts me in a good mood for the rest of the week.

    Belinda, DO NOT edit yourself. I love what you write. Nothing the matter with a nibble of a mushroom, at least there didn't used to be.

    Gardenrooms, welcome back again. Sorry to hear about your finger. Which one and why? Thank God you can still type. xo

  15. sorry... should proof read my comments - two 'wonderfuls' in one sentence. Hopeless! x

  16. Semi Expat, it was wonderful as are you. no proofing on this blog, okay?

  17. It's been months since I've read a book I can get lost in. I'm reading, but nothing that's really grabbing me. Maybe I'll check out this book.
    Best of luck on your battle :-)