Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Warning: This Post May Contain Chicken

When the temperature falls into the 70's we turn our oven on to 450 and roast a chicken.

How about you?

Yesterday morning I made a fast marinade with olive oil, a lemon, salt, pepper, a few shakes of crushed red pepper, 3 minced cloves of garlic and a handful of basil and parsley from the garden. I removed the backbone from the bird and flattened it out then threw it in the fridge and forgot about it.

After a day out with The Crazies, as my Monday afternoon peeps are known, I came home ready to cook. I turned on the oven to preheat, took the dog for a walk, popped the chicken in the oven for 30 minutes at 450 degrees. When the smell was enough to make you cry I turned it down to 425 and went about my business. Forty minutes later I had a moist, golden brown chicken, that was super easy to slice. I served it with a salad and some toasted naan bread.

Nectarines to follow. What's up with fast food? Wasn't this fast enough?

P.S. And I made a stock from the backbone and we're having soup tonight.

P.S.S. I posted the fruit picture first so my vegan blogging buddy wouldn't have a pic of chicken on her blog list. xo


  1. I'm drooling and you're evil.


  2. You have the BEST recipes and ideas for delicious eating. Reminds me of Nigel Slater's fab. receipes - do you know of him? THink you'd love how he cooks. x p.s. what are those funny little sign language things at the end of your post - has someone (miss puss cat) walked over your computer?? xx

  3. hi jane,

    no fair, you say "may" and you tricked me in. i guess removing it's backbone and flattening it doesn't matter at this point does it?

    i want to hang out w/you and the crazies next monday. what time shall i be there?


  4. Sue, No, no not evil, I am the good cooking witch:)

    Semi Expat, why thank you, I'm flattered,I know his name now I'm off to check out his recipes. crazy kitty. xo

    Hey Janet, Sorry was just giving you a heads up. And then I added torture to the post.. Mea Culpa.

    1:00 on Monday, but it's okay if you're late, the redhead always is. we'll eat Thai. xx

  5. Do you know I can smell it here! Delicious I am coming to dinner the next time you serve that! xx

  6. So, the last part was in code to keep the slavering hordes from your doorstep?

    Although I translated the Webdings, so I'll be there for the soup.

  7. Julienne, come on by!

    Karen, So that's why people were talking about cats walking over the page...I never heard of webdings till I was writing in it. How did you translate it?

  8. I completely agree with Semi Expat, your cooking is salivatingly reminiscent of the wonderful Nigel Slater. His recipes are so good, and his writing about food is brilliant, I'm sure you'd enjoy them. He does use oceans of cream and butter is must be said!

  9. Oh , WHY didn't I read this till after I'd been shopping ?
    Never mind , on Friday a man appears in the local market with superior poultry and we'll be eating it by the evening .
    Can't wait .

  10. Oh, Jane. That's easy. Copy and paste into Word and then change the font.

    Is soup on yet?

  11. I'm afraid I don't even turn the oven down. It just stays 450' ing away for an hour :-)

    I can never have enough roast chicken.

  12. Belinda, you're right oceans of butter and cream not me at all, to the chagrin of GG!

    Smitoniusandsonata, Whew, that was hard to write, checked out your blog, looks like you already had a good shopping day!

    Karen Okay, Talk about learning from your mistakes:)

    Marie, I couldn't remember the correct temp it's been MONTHS since I cooked a chicken in the oven. Thanks.

  13. wow..i can smell it from here...
    hey, i made naan the other day for the first time...turned out pretty good too...

    tonight is chicken paprika with pasta and artichokes....and yeah...what is up with fast food...i'm with there there, my friend

    teddy and i send love today

  14. Sounds SO good. Never done a chick in such a hot oven, but I'm gonna try it. Hopefully soon. Thanks for all the support over on my page. xxoo, too.