Thursday, September 16, 2010

No Pizza For Puppies

I'm all about the food this week. Tuesday night I made a sweet little soup with the chicken stock. I finely diced an onion, a carrot, some garlic and a zucchini, sauteed them in olive oil then added the stock, salt, pepper, the inevitable crushed red pepper and let it simmer. I cooked some little cheese tortellinis on the side, when they were ready I added finely shredded chicken, chopped parsley and basil and to the soup and tasted for seasoning. I filled low bowls with the soup then added the tortellinis and covered all with some freshly grated parmesan. Then we ate, slowly and happily. First soup of the season is always a glorious moment.

Last night was pizza. It's easy to make pizza dough but if time is of the essence and people are as hungry as a Lab, you can use a ready made dough from Trader Joe's for example. I made a simple pizza sauce with a can of organic tomato sauce, a bit of sauteed garlic, S&P and red pepper and a generous handful of oregano. When the house smelled like an Italian restaurant it was ready. Rolled out the dough, covered it with the sauce, covered that in turn with mozzarrela, parmesan and fresh ricotta cheeses. Popped in into a preheated 425 oven and let it bake for about 12 minutes. While it baked I made a vinaigrette and cleaned lettuce for the salad. When the timer pinged we were good to go. Just before serving I covered it all with rough cut garden basil.

Call Domino's? Not in this house.

P.S. We ate the whole pizza and there was not even one tiny scrap left over the poor pup.


  1. Yummy-sounding pizza. Maybe next dinner...with some anchovies :-)

  2. Well!!!! You didn't save any for me I am so disappointed!

  3. Poor pup! That pizza smells wonderful!

  4. Nothing does sad reproachfulness quite like labrador eyes!

    Trying to cut down a bit on wheat and dairy. Until I see food like that pizza. Or artisan bread. Or Greek yogurt. Oh dear!

  5. Your pictures make me long for a cup of your soup and a slice of that delicious looking pizza.....:-)!

    Happy weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  6. That pizza looks fantastic - now I know what's for dinner tonight!

  7. You know you can go to prison for animal cruelty?

    Have a happy birthday weekend.

  8. Labonnefemme, Anytime, any day:)

    Marie, Thanks so much for your help last night!

    Julienne, Let me know when, we'll whip one up pronto!

    Webb, Thanks. Poor pup indeed, she only had roast chicken and kibbles.

    Belinda, That's right, nobody plays the guilt card like a lab. Sorry to tempt you off the path of better eating.

    Madelief, Your next trip needs to be to D.C.

    Gwen Isn't it your birthday? bet you get something more glam for dinner. Happy, happy!

    Miss, P., I know the Hound told me.

    Thanks the fun and calorie consumption have already begun

  9. You inspired me to finally try grilled pizza. With pizza dough from Giant & home made sauce, it was one of the best I ever had. Maybe it was the full moon, maybe it was expectations, maybe it was following instructions on the internet. The grille looked like the gulf oil well spewing black smoke after the first try burned to a crisp, but the second try...mmmm.