Monday, February 1, 2010

And The Winner Is

I have done nothing today. For some people on a day off this is not unusual. For little Ms.Busy (me) it's a rarity. I went to Anthropologie and bought a glass knob for 6.00 to go on the lid of a green glass canister we got at the Goodwill for 3.49. Hmmm. There was also some clothes shopping, lunching, coffee drinking and laughing. Now I'm catching up on blog reading and debating what to cook for dinner.

Yesterday was busy. We grocery shopped, went Goodwill hunting, did laundry and a modicum of cleaning. A friend invited himself over to watch football and eat pizza. " Why not make pizza?" I said to myself while changing the sheets. I had saved a recipe posted by Heather of A Day In The Country and had fresh mozzarella and a can of tomatoes to make a sauce. We never got to watch the game but the 2 pizzas we made were consumed with gusto by 6 people. As advertised the dough was foolproof and rose to alarming heights. I doubled the recipe and next time will split the dough in half and make thinner pizza. And yes Virginia, there will be another time. This recipe is a winner. Thanks Heather.


  1. Hi :) I just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog, I am always thrilled to meet new people:) That pizza looks amazing and has made me feel so hungry!! Nearly lunchtime here in Australia thank goodness!!! YUM! Have a lovely day - Tina :)

  2. Pizza - my "death row" meal. I am indeed a simple girl. Does that ever look good. I'm going to grab that recipe and get on it. There's some frozen homemade marinara (with goodies in it) needing a friend right now. Mmm!

  3. omg. your day sounds like perfection!

  4. All is lovely here too! I am very envious of your flower shop (secret wish of mine!)Loving the ranunculas, especially the orange, very underated in my book!
    Heather's pizza does look good, mmmm, oh and as for Julia and J...... am really looking forward to seeing it, so basically all is well with the world!
    Lovely yo meet you,

    Sarah x

  5. Tina, Thanks for visiting. Just had a few moments to read more of your postings and I love your blog and your hallway.

    Denise, It was perfect. Now off to work to deal with 2 wedding proposals, grrr, not my favorite part of the flower business.

  6. Gwen, You'll love this recipe, easypeasy even for me. But I would definitely divide dough in two unless you want uber deep dish. Tho all my guests seemed to LOVE it.

    Sarah Jane, Welcome! Thanks for visiting and now following. Looking forward to more loveliness down your lane. And you're welcome to pop over and work with us on Valentines Day. Total immersion.

  7. OMG this looks incredible... i think i need to eat pizza for dinner... loved your comment... "BRING IT ON!" thanks you made me laugh! that should have been the title to the post! xx pam