Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow Flowers

Sunday morning cold. Yesterday's surprise snowstorm (to us at the flower shop who toil on without benefit of constant weather updates) is still piled up on the ground. The nicest part of the snowstorm was when we drove down our plowed (quel surprise) street and discovered a neighbor had shoveled both our driveway and a path to our door. And then Tini brought us Thai food for dinner and "Julie and Julia" to watch. Our life is good, very, very good.

When I leave the shop on Saturday I always grab a handful of flowers. By then I'm so tired I just want a few stems of something simple. Maybe a few roses, this time of year a flowering branch (cherry this week) and some spring things. I usually stick them in a water glass and fall into the bath. Sunday morning I put them in vases. An odd assortment of vases, may I say, some vintage coke bottles, a basalmic vinegar bottle and this week some que cute 1 shot tequilla bottles we begged from a New Years Eve party. A strange vessel for a non drinker but too cute not to keep. Tho' I must say cleaning them out on New Years Day was a experience I'm glad I don't have every morning.

Now breakfast and then grocery shopping. I dare anyone to watch "Julie and Julia" and not feel the need to cook something fabulous instantly.


  1. LOL! I've been known to leave the flowers I've taken home from work at the end of the week on the counter or ottoman, for um, hours, or even overnight, without water.

    Feels too much like work sometimes....!

  2. Agree with Sprout! I love the collection of bottles - looks beautiful!

  3. Sprout, Yes it does seen too much like work sometimes. Yet, I can grab a knife and start chopping onions for dinner... quess that's relaxing for me.

    Floralovely, Thanks. You know what really looks beautiful? Your shop wedding blog. Flowers, photos, settings, scenery. Snowbound Virginia florist a little jealous.

  4. Thanks for changing the "m"... It was making me crazy! Flowers sure are pretty. Gotta get me some of those.

  5. Gwen, I couldn't believe Nele didn't catch it. Quess it wasn't her fault tho'. Always feel free to tell me asap. I hoped people thought it was on purpose. Course who knows what smow means. smore?

  6. Didn't want to point it out; I know I'm irritating, but never want to be Annoying!!!! Smor Flowers would be delish anyway you slice it in that snowstorm. Shoveled in the middle of the night; nothing could have been more peaceful.