Sunday, August 29, 2010

Breathe, Freak, Repeat

Good morning. I'm grasping for time here. I don't know if it's the busy week I just finished or the fact that summer is running ahead of me and I can't quite catch up. The garden is a tangle of weeds. The heat is returning after a beautiful week of open windows weather. GG goes back to school on Monday and with that goes all the lazy time spent grilling and eating and talking about what we would do if. I love "ifs". If we had the time, if we had the money.... never a question of if we have the dreams. They're always there.

But it's Sunday morning and I'm reading blogs and baking our weekly granola ration. The house smells of cinnamon and toasting nuts and grains. As busy as we were this week we each got a pedicure and the Lab hit the groomers and returned to us sporting a pink bandanna covered with red strawberries. Don't you know she felt pretty. If she could have shaken her hair around her face she would have.

And as I refill my glass of iced latte I wonder am I just over caffeinated? Is it possible all will get done in a timely fashion and the to do list in my head is just a figment of espresso?

P.S. GG just got up and said for one shining moment she smelled the cinnamon and thought I was baking a pie, then she remembered I don't. Bake pies that is. Sigh.


  1. Turn those "ifs" into "whens" and you'll be amazed what you can do ...

  2. Sounds to me like you are just enjoying life one day at a time, and you know.... that's how to take it.

    The granola looks great, tho. I can almost smell it, too. Have a good week.

  3. ..ah brill post. We especially love the "imagine if.." in our house cos they usually turn a bad situation into a funny one if you say imagine if this had happened..? I would love some of your granola...mmm! I am consider baking a cake but I think blogging may get the better of me today!Glad you liked my flowers .Sinead

  4. i can smell the cinnamon from here

    wonderful post

    but i'm scared...who has to study those books??? yikes !!!!

    happy sunday, my friend
    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  5. If only i could cinnamon here

    actually i can, because i just baked a plum and cinnamon crumble.

    cinnamon heralds the start of a new term

    nobody eats cinnamon in high summer do they?

    Enjoy your Sunday

  6. To quote a certain big black Dominican cat of our common acquaintance regarding the books:


  7. Anneke, I like your thinkng.

    Webb, I usually do, except when i get in my own way with ridiculous to do lists.

    Urban Stems, What if you baked a cake and sent it to me?

    Kary, i know ,luckily it's GG, I'm more of a novel reader my own self. Though I guess if you love science...

    Miss P., Nice lunch you had over there today.
    You can I know you can can cinnamon.

    Marie, you make me jajajajaj out loud.

    Karen, Eeeeeeep! indeed. Heavy inside and out.

  8. Um, I wish somebody had told me i forgot the R in breathe. All corrections gracefully accepted:)

  9. Ha ha ... made me laugh about the non baking of pies.. but thank you for the link to the granola recipe.... - looks delicious and I am sure you WILL catch up with those weeds. xx

  10. If you had time, you'd bake a pie, right? I'd say with a bit of delicate multitasking you could do it whilst freaking. It might even help the freaking along and raise the whole game.

  11. I wanna bake a pie but I'm not so good with the crust. I get impatient with the blending of flour and fat and it ends up looking like play do. Of course we did get a kitchen aid for Christmas...

  12. hi jane,

    you have a good life. books, lattes, granola and weeds. what more can you ask for?


  13. A house that smells like cinnamon, pedicured toes, and a freshly groomed dog with a pink bandana sounds like heaven :-)

  14. if i send you my address can you please send the granola? and give me your and i will send you a pie... and if you want to cheat... buy the frozen pie crusts... no fuss no mess and a fabulous pie...
    although i am so spoiled...i learned from my mother who has the best pie crust i have ever eaten... miss you... xx