Wednesday, August 25, 2010

An Unmarried Woman

Celebrate good times, come on. After 2 months of faxing and phone calls and emails and notaries I have just finished signing the papers to refinance my house. Whenever the many papers referred to me the sole owner my name was followed by: an unmarried woman.

I loved this. An unmarried, home owning, hard working woman who sings off key and cooks to spread the love. An unmarried woman in a happy 5 + year relationship with a partner, not a parent or a child as so many of my former relationships have been, but a true partner in my daily adventures.

As we speak, my credit cards have a zero balance, my front lawn is mowed, my house is clean and I have little bouquets of flowers sitting around the to welcome the notary.

She's gone, I'm stress free and only one question remains. What's for dinner?

And for those of you who ask to see the house, here's an unstyled, as is , picture of the heart of my home, my favorite room, the kitchen.



    You kitchen is cute!


  2. Good title, Unmarried Woman.

    And congratulations.

  3. It's odd that our identity should be so strapped to our marital status. What about all of the other parts of who we are? Hmph. I love a window in the kitchen. Mine is pretty darn important to me.

  4. "We gonna celebrate your party with you, come on now." Kool and the Gang. Very weird, my mom sent me a birthday card that plays that song whenever it's opened. Want it? It may help you forget that real estate law vocabulary is stuck in the 17th century. In Ipswich, near where I live, there are feofees (landlords) who collect rent from Little Neck residents to subsidize Ipswich public schools, in 21st century MA!

    Good timing for the refinance, lowest interest rates ever!

  5. I meant "Good timing, unmarried woman".

  6. Unmarried Woman replies:

    Thanks Sue.

    Baie Dankie Marie, I think i have a title for a novel.

    Denise, I know such an archaic point of reference. I have 2 windows in the kitchen. Happy making.

    John, Yes I want the card! You're funny...

  7. I love your kitchen.

    and the fact that notaries come to your house.

    America is an altogther other world.

  8. Love that song too... Kool and the Gang... quoted them somewhere on my blog a few months back I think... Anyway... More importantly
    CONGRATULATIONS re : the house although I am a a little annoyed at how you are 'catagorized' - why is one's marital status SO important in life.. why can't we just "BE" ?! X

  9. gardenrooms, Yes, yay indeed. room to breathe.

    Miss P., Crazy, right? I thought I'd go to a lawyers office, but no. Oh, and wellies for sure. I think mine are black, is that ok?

    Semi-Expat, I have no idea. If a man was signing would it read an unmarried man? When i originally bought the house in 2001, it was with a man and tho all monies were equal he was the primary signer! Grrrr.

  10. Feels good, doesn't it? To have your own (beautiful) clean home, to love and be loved by your equal, to have flowers on your table and your lawn mowed, and to have only one thing on your mind - what's for dinner. It's a good life, indeed! Cheers! (oh, and congrats, too!)

  11. Hurrah for you, unmarried woman. You and your kitchen are both appealing and dignified.

  12. hi jane,

    it's the little things, isn't it.

    who cares about a category. love is all that matters. love is all there is.


    the heart of your home is lovely.

  13. "As we speak, my credit cards have a zero balance, my front lawn is mowed, my house is clean and I have little bouquets of flowers sitting around the to welcome the notary."

    Sounds like my idea of what, ultimately, we all aspire to. I know I do.

    And I love your kitchen.

  14. Dear Jane,

    You sound like a very happy unmarried woman to me!!

    Your kitchen looks lovely and is all one could wish for!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  15. "my credit cards have a zero balance, my front lawn is mowed, my house is clean and I have little bouquets of flowers sitting around"....
    You are my hero!!!! You rock unmarried woman! xo

  16. Wish I could say the same for my credit cards, front lawn and house! x

  17. Karin, Yes it does! 2 days later and I'm still smiling.

    Mise, Don't you think a beanz lamp might add a little touch of something something to the kitchen though?

    Janet, Amen sister!

    Lynnifer,Thank you. it's loving all the attention.

    Madelief,Thank you, almost as lovely as your garden.

    Sara Louise, Merci!

    Belinda, Ah but the back yard.....

  18. Some day, I will visit you in that perfectly beautiful kitchen. Some day, I will visit you, you gorgeous woman - whether unmarried or not.

    And we will celebrate it all.

    much love,

  19. Congratulations Lady Jane! My hat is off to you!

    It's nice to see the kitchen where I have enjoyed so many of your wonderful meals and great laughs.

  20. Maria, Any day, anytime! xo

    Susan, Thanks. We miss you and wait for the day when you stop building houses or redoing houses and can come and hang out with us.

  21. big congrats!!! so, what did ya have for dinner?

  22. I love a stronge, take charge woman. Congratulations, if this moved was your choosing. It sounds like you are contented, and have your cozy little home filled with happiness.

  23. So proud of you - and happy, too. AT least you don't have to worry about anyone's dower right, you Unmarried Woman, you. The Commonwealth is still a patriarchial type place to live.

  24. Yay - I am loving your kitchen and congrats on the house. My house is clean, I have a little bouquet of flowers from 'my garden' on my 2 out of your 4 aint bad!! The cc and the lawn is next on the hit list!! Blurgh to the titles on the money forms! You rock flowerJane ..Sinead