Monday, August 23, 2010

Another Summer Sunday

Sunday morning was quiet and rainy. While the house slept I read blogs, put out vases of flowers and made another batch of lemon syrup. This time I used both lemons and limes and blueberries. The skies began to clear and soon we had a hot sunny Sunday.

We raced through an afternoon storm to see a movie and exited many hours and countries ( Eat Pray And Read The Book Instead) later to more bright sunlight and a cool breeze.

We ate outside, only the 4 of us and 1 dog, 1 cat: no flies,no shooing, no mosquitos, no cursing.

The watermelon was sweet, the moon was almost full and our guest did the dishes. Once in a blue moon, in the state of Virginia, all the stars align.


  1. I love, love, love the lights under the umbrella.

  2. love the lights too...and i LOVE your your Fall header...bring it on i say....

    i was looking at that moon at 5 this morning and it was bright is going to be in the 90's here today...very still and warm...

    and i thought how weird it is that we all see the same moon...

    happy to visit today, my friend
    kary and teddy

  3. Lucky you! It has been raining in Holland all day :-(. Love the fairy lights under the parasol!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  4. hi jane,

    beautiful post. love the shot of the syrup. i concur on the movie. the lips, i could not get past the lips. that's the esthetician in me talking.


  5. Wonderful day - wonderful post. I think the heat may finally be breaking. It does seem like Labor Day truly brings the cooler weather. It's about time!

  6. Commentators worldwide applaud that guest. It sounds pretty idyllic at yours.

  7. I'm glad all the stars aligned. It's nice when that happens. And no mosquitoes in August?? That's a downright miracle..!

    It's so lovely to visit here, Jane... And I love your new banner. And fall. I love fall. And visiting here, at your place.


  8. Bless that guest!

    Ahem, don't want to be a scone bore, but you might want to check this out, It's scone wrong, wordofmouthblog, Miss p might have it on the cream or jam first thing. The aforementioned article would suggest that I back Devon, she Cornwall, and it grieves me to say it but results of a poll backed Miss P and Cornwall. Damn.

    Of course, I don't trust a word of what the Guardian writes.

    Miss P on the other hand... I fear her knowledge of tea ettiquette and gastronomy generally is likely to be greatly superior to mine so happy to bow in deference!!

  9. That is the kind of guest I like - one who does the washing up too! Looks like a perfect Sunday there and how pretty are your lights under the umbrella... Forgot to mention before I do like your new heading and photograph - dreaming of Autumn perhaps? x

  10. Thanks everyone. We love the lights and they have allowed us to stay up long past our bedtime all summer!

    German girl did the new header using the one good picture I took last year of our gourd "crop".

    Lynne, welcome.

    Belinda, you tea addict, I will check it out.

    Maria, Visit anytime. My door is always open :)

  11. Have you tried injecting a frozen watermelon with vodka?

    It is refreshing.

    Still raining here.


  12. i adore the rain.
    it has been storming off and on here in fla.
    the summer is unbearable when it doesn't rain.


  13. I love the lights inside the umbrella! Sitting outside at night with fairy lights and loads of candles at night is my favorite :-)

  14. Thanks so much for visiting my new blog and for your lovely comments. I've been a follower of your blog for quite a while. I love the lights under your umbrella - where do you plug them in?

  15. Miss P. Can't stop the rain? Come over we'll bring out the syringes and the watermelons.

    Sara Louise, Thanks. We pretend we're in the south of France.

    Life, I enjoyed your blog. I'll be back soon. We have a light outside the front door, we take out the bulb and plug in an adapter and then an outdoor extension cord, which leads to to table and lights. Voila!