Saturday, August 21, 2010

L'Heure Bleue

After a Saturday of doing flowers for everyone else's dinner parties there was just one I wanted to attend. On a terrace in Brooklyn with Marie and Vince and this steak.

But since we weren't invited to partake we dug around in the fridge and made grilled cheese and ham sandwiches. We rubbed the bread with olive oil instead of butter and liberally sprinkled them with fresh herbs. We used a thick slices of mozzarella cheese, honey baked ham and a few thinly sliced gherkins. We had a comforting salad of butter lettuce dressed with our go to viniaigrette. 3 to 1 baby, olive oil to basalmic vinegar, salt and pepper. It can get fancier, dijon mustard for instance or fresh herbs, but it doesn't have to.

We fed the cat, we fed the dog, we fed ourselves. Appetites appeased we relax and wait. We've got the calliparca berries, they're got the beef. I think we're ready to make a deal...


  1. Who needs beef when you have melted cheese?


    I like your salad dressing, baby :-)

  2. Hi Jane,

    Is that you sitting at the kitchen table? The sandwich you made sounds and looks delicious. Just had a look at that terrace in Brooklyn: what a view!!!! If only you could take your sandwich up there :-)!

    Happy sunday!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  3. Oh, what I wanted to say: your comment on my giveaway made me LOL: go for it girl!!!! I will cross my fingers for you.

  4. Oh, the photographs and descriptions of the food are just something else!! Fabulous - I would LOVE to be sitting at your table and partaking of that delcious looking sandwich - MMMMMMM!

  5. Marie, thanks, baby. I like your dinner.

    Madelief, That is me in the kitchen, hot and hungry. Glad you visited the terrace. actually you might have been on the roof farm. Read more to see the terrace garden.

    semi Expat, If you were here we'd be delighted to feed you. might be fancier than a sandwich. Then again it was really tasty...

  6. Bonjour Jane,
    I love grilled cheese and ham, will definitely try the olive oil next time. Looks like a perfect meal. Hope all has been well with you. Once again I find myself apologising for not visiting as I should. I miss all your flowery beauty in your posts!
    Have a wonderful Sunday,

  7. SO ... who made the sandwiches?

  8. Jane, I have been drooling on my keyboard since I saw/read this grilled cheese post. Even breakfast did not help.

    I also love your new (-ish) header. Beautiful.

    I added a "Follower" widget thingy to my blog. Is it what you had in mind? Thank you for the tip!

  9. Bonjour, And you have been missed, BUT I do understand you've been busy with your new magazine. Which looks beautiful BTW.

    Anonymous, Um, that would be my partner, the GG.
    But I could have, I made them last time? Not as fabulously I must admit :)

    MFG, Clean off your keyboard or it will get all sticky like mine! Yes that's what I meant.

    Your latest post is beautiful.

  10. Ok, I'm a little late doing my blog rounds, but yeah, sigh, steak... However the sandwich looks perfect. And you had the advantage of many more square feet to enjoy it. ;-)