Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Times They Are A Changing

The garden is reeling from an endless stream of 90 degree days. And not to be a total bummer here but the August issue of Organic Gardening magazine reports that this is only the beginning of hell on earth. Allergies will worsen, due to plants blooming earlier and producing more pollen. Mosquitoes, and other garden bugs will flourish. The plant damaging storms we have had this summer will be the norm. Winters will be wetter, summers drier. Ay ya yay.

But there are still and hopefully always will be sweet garden moments. Platter sized red hibiscus blooms, moonflowers on the chain link fence, firecracker and thunbergia vines twisting around the porch railings are but a few I found today.

And there are more late summer/early fall flowers to come, fall blooming anemones, pineapple sage, the callicarpa bush is covered in lilac berries, soon to turn a deep purple.

To continue to experience such lovely moments I will follow the advice in OG magazine. I'll use a rain barrel to collect and store water, I'll continue to mulch, I'll drop to my knees and weed whenever possible and I'll remove some heavy drinkers from my beds and replace them with more abstinent plants. And now I have another reason for creating the potager in my backyard: to spare my plants from heavy storms water-logging the ground. Small silver lining?


  1. Your flowers look great; my vines went nuts this year, practically swallowed up the house!


  2. Lovely photos love the black and white flower ... gorgeous! Looks like you will be busy in the garden in the next few months (or busier!!) x

  3. Just wondering, and you've probably thought of this already, but would one of those leaky hose arrangements, snake-ing around the base of your plants (and into your future potager- how exciting), save you endless watering and help with those hot,dry summers??

    Or maybe, like me you quite enjoy that trance-like state induced by hours of hand watering, or indeed, the slight tipsiness if before dinner with glass of wine in other hand?!x

  4. hi jane,

    wa-what! new banner. i can't leave you alone for a minute!

    oh i miss my garden and will see it again tomorrow.

    i especially like og's recommendation of removing heavy drinkers, uh oh, that would be me!


  5. Sue, Your garden looks great and your vines are lush. O Canada.

    Semi Expat, Thank you. And you? You're heading into spring. lucky woman.

    Belinda, I do use soaker hoses for my back berm. As dry there as the Gobi. But good idea next summer for the new (I hope) vegetable beds.

    Janet, Um, that was my idea not OG's but if it was you lurching about tipsily in the garden I'd let you stay and refresh your drink!

  6. Another test - have left 3 comments, sob :-(

  7. !!! It's because I disabled my 3rd Party cookies (tired of cookies). Bloody hell. Seems I have to accept them to leave comments anywhere. Eenteresteen'.

    What I was saying; beautiful hibiscus. Callicarpa berries - I want to bake with them - they have a very good smell, very spicy and sweet. They are edible.

    The End.

  8. Marie, I applaud your tenacity. And your weird knowledge of what is edible. Really callicarpa?
    Should I send you some?

  9. I'd cancel my subscription to OG if I were you. Better not to know that stuff. Your garden looks like it's starting to recover. Think I'll start saving my money for an in-ground sprinkling system.

  10. Jane - I'm just a very hungry person. I never really evolved from the hunting/gathering stage. Thank goodness someone else invented lightbulbs in the meantime.

    I think you should send me some callicarpa berries, yes, when bright lilac. But only if you have lots and lots. About ten would be perfect. I can mail you back the cookies, if I've lived to package them.

    Actually, there's a shrub down the road from me. I better just gather the guts the raid that one.

  11. Didn't realize you really ARE in England. Thought you didn't fly! Happy trip.

  12. Marie, I have a whole shrub of them. You could even have 12!

    Webb, Oh to be in England, but I'm not. Remember only to take 1/2 of what we comment to one another seriously. If that. Unless we're really serious. Then believe ia all. Oh you know what i mean.