Thursday, March 3, 2011

Back By Popular Demand

Hey guys, it's me, Nika!  I heard Miss P. was asking for me ( preen) or was it the hound? I wish but there is chatter in the canine community that he doesn't swing my way, if you catch my drift.  There is also talk of pictures that prove this theory, but I haven't been allowed to see them.  Yet.

Now back to me.  What's for dinner is a BIG question in our house.  I ask it first thing in the morning, after breakfast, as soon as one of them gets home and while walking them.  I walk them in the morning, before and after dinner.  Sometimes it's late,10:00pm, and I would rather be sleeping.  But they get all bundled up with hats and gloves and scarves on, Jane even bought a long sleeping bag to wear when it's cold ( she calls it a down coat, whatever), so how can I refuse?  They look adorable. Plus there are hardly any people about that late at night so I don't have to keep one of them at the end of a leash.  We call it AWOL, a walk off leash.  I worry they might run out in the street while a car is driving by, but so far they look and listen for traffic very well.   

Speaking of, I think I'd better take Jane for a walk now.  She's been working all day and by the time she gets home, all wired up from drinking a double shot latte at 3:00PM, she can be a little jittery.  And I have seen no signs of cooking.  This is all very worrisome.

So enough of this "what flowers do you have in your house stuff". I ask you.....what's for dinner at your house?


  1. Flossie thinks there isn't enough food in this post. The walks sounded good though, but didn't seem to have little edible treats involved. She wonders if you would like to come over for a holiday at her house?

  2. Well, we had polenta with caramelized onions & mushrooms topped with crumbled feta and a fresh green salad with avocados and other good stuff. Ben loved the polenta. Do you think you might go for some?


  3. Oh, Nika, Emma here. Being a Lab also, though I am a blond, I feel your pain! I must admit I did have dinner already (we get up darn early at the ranch), but I have my nose all set for the chicken pad thai that's cooking. Hope you get yours soon.

  4. Rachel, Yes. Yes. Yes! Now? When? Is there more food? Will Flossie share? My moms still haven't sent the present I picked out for Flossie last year! Maybe I can bring it as a hostess gift?

    Sue, Yes I love polenta!!!! What is it? Is it beef? No worries, I even eat bananas and carrots.

    Emma, I love pad thai. What is it? You live on a ranch? Can I come and visit after I get back from England?

  5. Poor, Nika. Clearly you are abused. We had chianti braised beef and pasta and there's one last piece of lemon tart to split later. I think you would have helped with it.

    we'll try to talk to your girls and see if we can help you a bit. Meanwhile, keep walking them but use the leash so they don't get hurt.

  6. too cute! it always sounds like so much fun over at your house!

    Dinner tonight was rice, steamed veggies and fried's seriously time to visit my friend, mr. trader joe. If I don't visit him tonight, we'll be eating dust for dinner tomorrow!

    Have fun on your walk ~ I'm getting ready to take Lola, my cat, for a walk around the block. She adores her leash and everyone stares...she thinks she's something special. :)

  7. Nika you are just too cute for words!! We had lamb with veggies - all slow roasted - think you would have loved the lamb (maybe a smidge too much garlic !) - do you care for veggies though? Keep those owners of yours under control though and enjoy walking them too!! XXnIK

  8. Tonight is the return of the courgette fritter.

    with goats cheese.

    Last night we ate mackerel.

    Enjoy the awol.

    The Hound goes awol, without prior permission.


  9. Awol rocks, you'd love my fields and hedgerows. Rollo

  10. Nika, I suspect you hear this all the time, but I'll say it have such a beautiful face. If I weren't "fixed"...And if you get any of that food that your humans cook YOU ARE SO LUCKY. I used to get all kinds of little bits of delicious things from my human mom and dad, but then I got a little sick and now all they feed me is really yucky stuff out of a bag. My mom spent a LOT of money on it and she tries really hard to make it better by pouring a little vegetable broth on it, but I live for their cooked food. Last night they had Green Chili Soup (thanks Janet at Gardeners Cottage!)with sunflower seed bread (one of my faves in the old days). I wanted some so bad I actually cried. so if you're getting some of that stuff from the table, enjoy! xoxo, Jack(Karin's owner)

  11. i would give that baby,
    with those adorable eyes...
    anything !!!

  12. Nika's looking cuter than ever! I had chunk salmon kitty food with some dried mixed in and microwaved for 10 seconds by my humans. No longer than that, or I'll burn my tongue! The Man had a steak for dinner, and the Lady had shrimp 'n grits. They went out - the nerve! Paola

  13. Shepherds pie here. I want to see these pictures? ...

    Now you have me intrigued x

  14. Webb, I love beef, have I mentioned that? Lemon tart? I'll help. What is it? Don't worry about the AWOL walks, they clearly hear STAY and SIT.

    Sarah, I hope you went to Mr.Joe's. Dust is not tasty:(

    Semi Expat, Yes lamb! Never too much garlic for me. Never too much red meat for me. I love your table, would be very happy to sit under it and beg.

    Miss P,. What's up with all the mackerel talk? Is it Lent? Send the hound back, I'll train him.

    Rollo@ Wild Acres, I would. Am I invited? I'll already be in England.....

    Jack@ Karin, My heart breaks for you. I would cry too. I guess they're just trying to keep you healthy, but at what quality of life, eh? I will enjoy, for both of us!

    Renee, My kind of woman:)

    Paolo @ Gwen, Didn't they bring you back any leftovers? You would love the shrimp. Ask next time!

    Deborah, Yes! I love pie with ground up shepherds in it. I hear the pics are internet worthy....

  15. I loved this post Jane. Serious today as I mean this from the heart and not being over soppy. You made us all smile and laugh with the lab talking. Showed this to my kids. So lovely to see people loving their hounds and canines and having fun. So much cruelty out there to animals. They really are part of the family. We all miss our dog Molly so much! Sinead x