Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Remember Me and You? I Do. I Think About You Day And Night.

 To Tini and Nirmal ( currently sleeping in Germany):  Hope your trip was uneventful and thank you for returning my books.  The Toss Of A Lemon, The Namesake and A Platter Of Figs, all mine.

When Will Jesus Bring The Pork Chops by George Carlin? Not likely. 
To the many bloggers who emailed me that blogger won't let them comment:  Thank you for letting me know I'm still in your orbit.

Shame on blogger.  I may have to send them the George Carlin book.
And for all of you who cared about the kitchen ceiling : We might have found the source. It was sealed yesterday.  But before we let our comrade Fidel, painter/ plastered extraordinaire back in the kitchen on Monday, we will do the hose test suggested by Connie of Hartwood Roses.

Thank you Connie.

Who needs a contractor when we have fellow bloggers?


  1. If the commenting issue isn't bad enough, I just found out that someone has copied my blog in its entirety and is using my content to draw traffic and get advertising dollars. I've been filing complaints with Blogger on each of the offending posts over the past two days. I mean, some of my posts are genius and I don't want some scum bag making meth money on the back of my stellar posts. It's not fair.

    Hi Tini and Nirmal!

  2. Steve, No Way?! How did you find out? I've heard of this evildoing but this is the first time it's ever happened to a friend of mine.

    Is blogger being helpful?

  3. The Namesake is one of my favorite books. So I take it you recommend the fig one and the lemon one, but not the pork chop one? I don't like pork chops anyway. Figs and lemons are pretty together.

  4. So what's the beef with the pork chop one? I am going to look up the figs and lemons forthwith! Glad the ceiling is fixed, phew!

    Sarah x

  5. Good. about the ceiling. we are all sighing a little sigh of relief for you!

    Our septic tank has snapped its fanbelt. It ain't smelling of roses around here!! Ahh, the joys of domestic life, eh?!! xxxxx

  6. I LOVE that song!! And pleased about your ceiling (although I did love GG's contraption!!) XX

  7. Glad to hear you ceiling is waterproof again. Who are Tini and Nermal :-)!

    Happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  8. Hope the ceiling is really well, 'cause I think you are gonna test it this weekend. But, I think you hurt George's feelings!

  9. Jen, the Namesake, one of my faves too. I loved The Toss Of a Lemon and the fig one is a cookbook. I'm just reading its fall menus as i type. Yum.

    Sarah Jane, You are too funny and that's a meaty question you asked there...

    Belinda, Any sentence with septic tank in it is sure to hold some bad news.

    No wonder you were out in the garden so long for Bloom Day. xo

    Semi Expat, I'm glad it was recognized, don't know why it popped into my head as post title. we love her contraption so much it's in the mud room, just in case...

    Madelief, Sorry, GG's sister and her husband:)

    Webb, Are we supposed to get a lot of rain....damn.

    Are you a fan of the George man?

  10. Jane,
    Is good to see the problem of the roof is now on track. We had a problem like that in our old house and is was not a nice thing to see :(
    But I think your flowers and taste make everything better, even with that problem.
    kisses from a near spring :)