Friday, May 27, 2011

Spring Into Summer

 Spring did not heed my call, so we have surrendered to our early summer.  You can't fight temperatures in the
90's with words alone.

 We're drinking glass after glass of  lemonade. Air conditioners and fans are running.  Flimsy peasant blouses and shorts are the clothing choices and pedicures are de rigueur.  I have a strict no necklace policy going on, rings and bracelets are the only jewelry I can abide.

I'm making salads, GG is grilling, the cat has moved back into her summer house, which is a cave in the boxwoods.  The Lab is just lying about, dazed by the heat, rousing herself only for dinner ( hers or ours) and a walk.  Oh, and the mailman of course.  It's never too hot to give the mailman hell.

The city is emptying out for  the long weekend, and though I work as usual this Saturday I declare this coming Monday, the last of the month, a blog holiday also.  So we'll put off Flowers In The House until the following week.
I intend to spend every minute the humidity allows outside, gardening, eating, and hanging with my homies in the hood.  And eating more grilled corn.

What are your plans?


  1. It is the kids' halfterm break - a week of holiday for us all - and we are planning a staycation with cricket matches, the purchase of a bell tent, daytrips, mooching in the garden, and a party where Richard is playing bass in the live band which still makes me swoon like a teenager!! Hopeful I'll still feel that way when he is propping the guitar on his zimmerframe! Have a lovely weekend, your corn looks delish! xx

    P.S.I bestow dual nationality upon you for your v British ability to discuss weather with urgency and fervour. If you want it.

  2. Belinda, I gracefully accept the dual nationality award. Apparently my birth mother was a Brit, so I come by the weather discussions genetically I guess. Enjoy your long weekend , it sounds wonderful.

  3. Our long weekend (Victoria Day) has just past. We pretty much lived outside too, but there was no humidity (I wish)!

    Love the rose campion; they are one of my VERY favourite flowers; they make me happy for some reason.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  4. You know what I'm doing. And trying not to give myself apoplexy while I'm doing it.....

  5. The grilled corn looks amazing. Do you boil it first or just grill and for how long???
    I could use a bit of your heat it isn't winter yet and we've already had weeks of frosts, and overcast days...some sun would be lovely but not the humidity!!!!! I have to learn how to light a fire that doesn't smoke!!!!!

  6. Dear Jane,

    The salad and the cornflower look delicious!

    Lieve groet,

    Madelief x

  7. Wish we could have a little taste of that heat over here. And that corn too :)

  8. Everything looks good enough to eat! Have a great weekend.

  9. Hi Jane,
    I am going to be doing pretty much what you are doing, this weekend. We have the same weather, too. It was a beautiful sorry to see it go.
    p.s. for the last few days I have not been able to post comments using my blogname, so I am now anon!

  10. Your food looks awesome! We're supposed to have a hot weekend too so I'll probably also put on a peasant top and sip sweet tea from the comforts of my porch!

    (Having trouble leaving a comment.)

  11. Sue, I love the rose campion also, and this comes from a friends garden so it's even more special to me. xo

    rachel, deep calming breaths please:)

    Julienne, I will post a recipe for the grilled corn it's delish. Humidity is no friend of mine.

    Madelief, you are so not anonymous!! What's up with blogger? Again.

    Floret Flowers, I would send you both if I could.

    Sizzle and Zoom, And it is! Have a fun time yourself.

    Karin, Blogger is being very annoying. And it's messing with my spelling, oh wait that;s me, I can't spell today.

    Steve, You made me laugh like a fool at work, now my coworkers think I'm crazier than initially suspected. Have a pretty weekend!

  12. We have some of your heat, and I wish, wish it would off a little. The grilled corn looks divine.

    'It's never too hot to give the mailman hell.'

    Very funny.

  13. jeez, Jane, you really know how to serve up tomatoes!!! think I'll make that tonight! Summer blew in here too. Tree peonies croaked and herbaceous ready to bust. And really, my weeds are just too gorgeous to describe...not.

  14. Oh lucky you, it's cold and windy and rainey here! Food looks mmm mmm good. Have a lovely holiday weekend, love Linda x

  15. Those dishes are just the type of summer food I love.. and that corn does look good.. both my two are off college/school now till September, although Sonny's will have to go back for his exams and Chloe starts uni in Sept so a nice long break drinking Pimms in garden for me :)
    Have a good weekend x Deb @ the fisherman's cottage

  16. Plan to work in the garden a bit - altho a last minute work project jumped into my lap this evening, so will spend a few hours on that. Buy paint for the kitchen and start repairing the drywall and maybe do a bit of shopping for a dress to wear to a July wedding. Not too early to start that activity.

    It's not all that humid here - weird - so am enjoying the deck still, especially in the early morning.

    Are your ranunculus coming up? I have lots of six-inch tall plants just FULL of leaves. I am thrilled!!

    Happy weekend! xoxo

  17. Webb, They are, about the same height as yours. And the pineapple lilies are going gangbusters!


  18. your tomato salad looks divine.
    i picked up corn at the farmer's market this morning to grill this afternoon.
    glad you have your strategy in place for dealing with the early summer heat.
    have a great monday off!

  19. Yum, all the food looks delicious : ) Happy Memorial Day weekend Jane ! xo

  20. Had to go out an look for the pineapple lilies - forgot where I put them - oops! Range from three to five inches tall and appear to be fine. Hoorah!

  21. i am unpacking a shipment... but today i might go for a bike ride and go buy some corn! this post is amazing.... just love it. enjoy every moment... i love your great spirit... xo

  22. Oh, I want your corn!!! Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

  23. If I could only turn off this Oregon rain I would love to grill some corn like that! We haven't had a warm day yet...well maybe one or two in the low 70's.