Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Taking Back the Garden

May has whizzed on by.  While we were being all busy the garden was madly blooming away. Our neighbors were dropping by to trade a rose from their garden for a peony from ours, vases were filled with the strong scents of spring. The days were rainy and sunny simultaneously. And then whoosh, away went the peonies and the lilac and all the lovely iris and in came the weeds and the aphids and the deadly blackspot and the 88 degree days.  Hold on Spring, give us a moment to catch up here.

 Monday we had a whole day of nothing but time.  Time to weed and mulch and go to a garden center and buy vegetables and herbs and a few new perennials.

The peach tree bed, recently known as the dead peach tree bed is renewed. The dead wood  is gone and  planted alongside the lavender and iris and roses are tomatoes and peppers and eggplant.  Now we cross our fingers and wait and water.

Tuesday while I was working GG whipped the lawn into shape, edged the beds and planted the herbs.

Even as I am writing this new weeds are poking up through the mulch and the grass is growing.  

But when I walked outside at 7:00 am this morning the garden was more than ready for her close up. 

So I obliged. She's also available for autographs if you want to come by.


  1. Spring passes much to quickly.

  2. Oh, everything looks so lovely! She certainly was showing off, huh? (Smile)

  3. Why don't you come up to my house and watch Spring happen all over again; maybe another 2 weeks or so?

    Beautiful pics!


  4. hooray for spring planting! it all looks pretty.

  5. Oh, I hear you on the weeds and the aphids and the deadly blackspot and the 88 degree days! Dang those weeds. Mulched two days ago and they're already creeping back. But it looks gorgeous for now. Wish I could visit for an autograph, but I'll be going north for the weekend, not south.

    Thanks for always sharing!

  6. didn't it fly right on by?! We haven't had much sun but we've almost floated away with the rain. Rain=weeds. I found a new organic sheeting that I can't wait to try under the mulch once the floods stop.
    Sounds like everything is shaping up perfectly around your little homestead...Enjoy yourselves now! :)

  7. Boy, o boy, GG rocks the lawn! If it doesn't rain tomorrow, the front lawn might get cut. And if I can get away early, the weeds might come up from around the roses. Does GG make house calls?

  8. Your lawn looks fab! I had aphids on my roses and sprinkled dishwashing liguid mixed with warm water (suds) on my roses and now no aphids. My neighbor told me about it. I thought she was nuts til I did it. This is the first year I've had them since I planted my roses.

  9. Bonnie, I know , that's why it's such a shame to miss even one day...

    little owl, she was, hadn't had a good haircut and mani/pedi in a while:)

    Sue, would that I could! Hopefully you'll have time to post garden pics.

    Tera, thank you! Your strawberry garden is very pretty itself.

    Falls Flowers, Well you're always welcome, but nobody wants to come south in the summer.

    Sarah, More info on the sheeting please. Hope the sun shines for you soon. we've got rain coming tomorrow, but no tornados thank God.

    Shelley, I know she is the most OCD mower ever! She might come up but would need some beach time...

    Sizzle and Zoom, I'll try that, thanks, you just sprinkled, not sprayed?

  10. You've got to love a neighborhood where the inhabitants barter with flowers.

  11. Such a sad story. I don't know what's going on with my garden. NOTHING has bloomed but the bergenia. No roses. No peonies. No clematis. No nothing. Oh, pardon me. I have three blooms on my chives. Should look great by August.

  12. Denise, Indeed you do:)

    Urban, When my neighbor first bought her house, before her garden was begun, 3 children came to visit and found her plot sad and barren also. They said she had no fruit, no flowers, no punkins,no nothing. Sonds like you.

    At least your bergenia bloomed ,ours is still pouting.

  13. I miss grass.

    Would you like some gravel?


  14. The garden looks beautiful.. three cheers for GG for whipping the lawn into shape too!! XX

  15. Oh well done GG! Is the other side of the world to far to travel to help me with mine?!!!!!

  16. Jane, tx u so much for u visit! Its a pleasure to meet you and your garden. You have a lovely blog! Those tomatoes and egg plant looks great!
    p.d: You can translate my blog with google translator, dont let spanish stop you! hahahhha:)

    kisses from the vegetable garden!


  17. Beautiful. I love that silvery fern in the foreground. And the lawn looks awesome! I want to walk on it.

  18. Jane Jane Jane! So happy to finally have a moment to catch up on your blog and garden. Looking good lady! xo

  19. Your gardens looks so lovely Jane, love the contrasting planting and the grass so lush and green... I miss my grass x Deb @the fishermans cottage

  20. Wow! GG can really clean up a bed! Those are the cleanest borders I've ever seen. And such pretty beds. Good work all around.
    Hope all is well. xoxo

  21. hi there! I came across your blog while blog hopping & would love to have you share a garden post a Cottage Flora Thursday's sometime?!? xoox, tracie