Sunday, May 29, 2011

These Mean Streets

Remember our friends across the street who put their house on the market?  Unfortunately for them it hasn't sold but occasionally they get feedback from the realtor.  My favorite was one looker who pronounced: (quote) It's a screwed up house, on a screwed up street, in a screwed up neighborhood. (End Quote)

Do you think he noticed that I managed to grow the tiniest radish in history?

 Do you think he was threatened by my post about the thorns in the prickly pear cactus, now blooming beautifully, but full of weeds?

 Or do you think he snuck over to my next door neighbor Nelda's house and saw what happened when she innocently planted her split leaf philodendron in the ground?

(Who knew?!?  Did you know?  What the heck is it?)

Half of the screwed up street was up early this morning, everyone working away in their crazy gardens, growing miniature vegetables, weapons of thumb destruction and (what?).

That's our neighborhood.  Love us or leave us.  It's a one way street; our way or the highway.


  1. the screwed up people on the screwed up streets are always the best...Consider yourself flattered!

    He doesn't know what he's missing...I think it sounds perfect. :)

    LOVE the picture and the teeny radish!

  2. Hi`1 Jane,
    Looks like I still can't comment except as anonymous!
    I agree with Sarah - odd neighbors and neighborhoods are the best! Sounds like my own.
    life, in small chunks

  3. Maybe it's lucky that person did not buy in your neighborhood. It sounds like nothing would have pleased him.

  4. Wow, looks like you dodged a bullet with that one! Can you even imagine if he actually moved in...there goes the neighborhood!

    Blogger is still a barrel of laughs..Ha!

    Sherri B.

  5. My radishes are smaller - as in 'none' on the end of a red root. For some reason, year after year, they hate me, even after switching around locations and planting times, and talking sweetly to them. Savor your bounty, as some of us go without.

  6. Oo-er, missis! (As a certain bawdy comedian used to say...) Looks very like cuckoo pint (Arum Maculatum), aka Lords and Ladies, for obvious reasons, and you can find it everywhere in Britain, and also here:

    Was that you eating soil with your baby radish?? No wonder that prospective buyer was alarmed.....

  7. Sarah, Flattered? Maybe, amused certainly:)

    Karin, you would find the beauty in the rubble I'm sure.

    Sherri B., I know, we would all have to look sharp to wander around watering and weeding. Our gardens would go to hell while we looked for an " outfit" to wear.

    Steve, Best crop ever! These were in the ground for about 6 weeks. Now I need the pot so out they go. Ready or not.

    Swimray, Now I feel a wee bit more successful. Radishes..a crop so simple even a child can grow it?

    Rachel, thank you I will follow your link, it was a big surprise to my neighbor and ourselves. bawdy gardening, it will be the next big (?) thing:)

  8. Rachel, it was GG with the mouth full of dirt and veg.

  9. Wow. Well, "Screwed Up" will thankfully be settling elsewhere, but I must say, I now imagine your neighborhood as a magical storybook place. Thanks, "Screwed Up" ...couldn't have imagined such a wonder without you.

  10. Jane,

    The mystery structure on the philodendron is the flower - spathe and spadix - characteristic of aroids. It would make a good addition to the Plant Porn group on Facebook :)

    Happy gardening!

  11. You tell your friends across the street to make sure they charge a screwed up price for their house. Eccentricity is desirable and should be expensive.

  12. WTF! You are a great neighborhood! glad that screw-up didn't even think of buying. You didn't need him.

    Love the radish, but suggest you consider leaving some in the ground for a few more days!


  13. Hello Jane:
    We are delighted to welcome you as a Follower to our blog which has led us directly up your street.

    We are so glad to have arrived for this is all so very interesting, varied and amusing. We know that we are going to love it!

  14. Well thats a bit rude, lucky escape I would say, wait for someone who appreciates the area. I have never seen anything like that plant..:) x

  15. Hi Jane,

    What a funny screwed up man! You had me LOL once again :-)! I hope your friends house will be sold soon.

    Lieve groetjes van Madelie x

  16. How rude, perhaps you had a lucky escape by not getting him as your neighbour? The Prickley Bear Cactus is stunning, well done you! Love Linda x

  17. To that plant: "Put it away!!"

    Close call with Mr UppitySmartypants. xx

  18. What a weirdo! (the random guy, not you) xo

  19. Nice constructive feedback.

    Maybe it's a sign? Your friends should stay.

    I love the prickly pear.


  20. Look on the bright side - now you have the title for your book :-)

  21. Ooh! I'm attempting to grow radishes for the first time on my deck - I've got a gazillion sprouts and now I have to find enough containers to be able to spread them out!! I'm even resorting to giving them away to anyone who will take them! Speaking of, you don't want any more radishes, do you? ;)

  22. The right person will come along.

    Loving the teeny radish - a brave soil eating it au naturale with natures salt and pepper :)