Tuesday, May 31, 2011

In Spring A Woman's Fancy Turns To Thoughts Of.......

Today a coworker asked if today was the last day of May.  When I replied yes she asked , then is tomorrow the first day of July? 

Yes, yes it is, I said.  With temperatures hitting 95 and humidity close to 70%, I think she's right.  We'll be skipping June  this year and heading right on to the 4th of July.  

 Yesterday's shopping list included such delicacies as  sparkling water, more water, bags of limes and lemons, a cantaloupe, a pineapple, yogurt, mozzarella cheese and tomatoes and bug repellent. A few cold cuts, bread and did I say sparking water?  Oh and blueberries, avocados and beer and sunscreen.  Apparently we're going to picnic ourselves through the heat.

 If I had known we'd be missing a month I would have grabbed some sparklers, marshmallows and graham crackers. 

Do I get to skip a mortgage payment too? 


  1. Wouldn;t that be nice to skip a months payment!

    That food looks delicious.!

  2. Yummy food, lots of sparkles and beautiful gardens ... I so want to spend the summer at your home. Aren't fresh veggies so pretty...

    Hope you're having a wonderful week!

  3. As your bank's representative on Earth, I say yes, by all means, skip a mortgage payment! We will confirm this in writing by the next post.

  4. you're killing me with all the delicious food ! send some of your warm temps up here to the pacific nw.. kind of still waiting for the full effects of spring : )

  5. I'd quite like to skip July, there are too many birthdays in my family. (That's mean isn't it?)Lovely grub! Love Linda x

  6. It's fresh food month and everything looked delicious.

  7. Actually for Greensboro, we skipped a month and a half and we are now in the middle of July. Blech.

  8. Your shopping list is so much more interesting than mine, altho I did get some good veggies today and raspberries come tomorrow at the CSA. It's too darn hot!!

    Oh, skip the payment. They won't care. They're hot, too.

  9. The weatherman is teasing us here in the PNW and saying that we may have summer all of a sudden too...Your list is yummy and those tomatoes look vine ripened!

  10. We were BBQ-ing ourselves through some heat here in my little corner of France, but then... I woke up this morning to rain and 54 degrees! Holy hell! How did that happen?!

  11. That food does look good Jane, I've only just finished my breakfast but you are making me hungry again... Well my birthhday is in June so .. if we skip June does that make me less closer to 50? :) x

  12. Razamataz, it was be a godsend! More $$$ for the garden:)

    Sarah, Maybe we can switch houses? Yours looks pretty dreamy...

    mise, anxiously checking mailbox, will spend extra $$$ on a plane ticket.

    gardenrooms, Are you all rainy and still in spring?

    flowersonmytable, happy July 1st! Now I've saved you some money.

    S&Z, thank you, can't wait to eat our own tomatoes.

    Karen, are you swimming out to your car every morning?

    Webb, you are my business manager, right? Could you shoot a letter to BOA?

    Steve, we'll be eating pretty on your porch soon!

    Sherri B., We always have a windowsill full of tomatoes in varying states of ripeness.

    SaraLouise, But this means you can wear jeans again, right?

    Deb, Yay, you can comment again! You are officially a year younger!

  13. Hmm, I shouldn't look at delicious-looking food pictures when I'm hungry. It makes me want to do dangerous things...like make a lunch that could choke a pig.

  14. Thanks for the laugh. If only the mortgage lenders based their payments on the weather, rather than the months! That salami looks dreamy...guess I shouldn't have skipped breakfast today!

  15. I noticed your mention of sparkling water. I'm not one to promote products, but we just bought SodaStream's Penguin model and it rocks! Homemade sparking water. Love it. No more grocery visits...no more bottles. If you are too hot today, hop on a plane. We are expecting light hail.

  16. Katie, I hope you survived the temptation..

    Falls Flowers, Right, based on hot I would save 4 months of $$$.

    Denise, It really works? I'm always disappointed by friends offerings of " sparkling" water. never enough sparkle for me. But you I trust. I'll go look it up. Thanks.

  17. Yes, it really sparkles, good fizz. You actually control the amount of fizz you want with my model. My preferred fizz = 4 whistles...

  18. Jane are those the whole foods cucumber tomatoes? I bought some today because they looked like the same color as yours. That storm slammed into mass last night. No damage here, but central mass was slammed!