Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Through A Screen Darkly

 GG is taking a class tonight from 6:30 to 10:30 which leaves me nothing to do but eat cherries, sip blackberry/lemonade and run from window to door taking pictures of our 1/2 hour tropical storm.  It came complete with a soundtrack of hail.  It was invigorating for me, boring to the Lab and probably irritating to the cat stuck outside in her boxwood cave.

Now the sun is out, the temperature is steamy, mosquitoes abound and I'm procrastinating doing anything I should be by talking to you.  So I'll tell you a tale.

A while back a customer was in the store and said she was looking for a good book for her book club.  I recommended " Blood, Bones & Butter" by Gabrielle Hamilton.

She came back last week to tell me she bought the book, started reading it, loved it and recommended it to her book club.  I thought that was the end but no....

Over spring break, she packed up her family and headed to New York. Ventured into Brooklyn and decided to go to Prune, the restaurant owned by Ms. Hamilton. She gets a table, meets Gabrielle, who joins them for lunch and she tells her the story of how she came to be there.  Then the conversation flits hither and yon, and they eat drink and fall about with laughter.

She owed it all to me she said. 

Damn.  I've got to get out of the house more often.


  1. I'm laughing out loud. What a great story.

  2. I'm laughing out loud too! I think you need to venture out more from behind the flower cooler! But just were behind a great adventure in someone's life...that should be worth something. :)

  3. You got rain?? Real honest to god rain? I am so jealous. I would take the resulting wet blanket of humidity just for a good downpour! Watering a lot right now, and it's way to early!

    What new thing is GG learning? Thought she would take a break after school ended. Quite the worker-bee, she is. xoxo

  4. Oh my gosh. Great story! Just get out there and who knows what will happen... You got hail? We were promised hail and did not see an ounce.

  5. Isn't that just the way it goes. If you would have planned it down to the last detail, it probably would not have worked out half as well...And while they conversed, I bet no other name was mentioned with such pleasure and gratitude as your name. How very special.

  6. that's a great story lol .. of course now i'm going to find the book to read ! cheers xo robyn

  7. You made me smile Jane! How kind of you to bring them both together though... and loved your story of the "would be purchaser" - how dare he say that you are in a screwed up neighbourhood - the cheek!! You don't need people like HIM living next door though - a lucky escape. xx

  8. Inspirational! You have a new career there, I think.

  9. Hello:
    Yes, indeed, watching the weather is clearly no way to be spending your time when a glorious career could be yours as a literary agent or something similar!

  10. Oh no Jane lol.. still I love watching storms and you captured it so well in your very green and lovely garden x

  11. Wow, recommending books and influencing lives! Very cool.

  12. That makes you an enabler. I've been reading about those people. They make things happen, no fuss, no pushiness, just quiet influence and charisma. I'm pleased to meet a real-life one.

  13. S&Z, you're laughing, I'm crying.....:)

    SArah, Oh you're laughing too? Must be funny then. Of course it was worth it!

    Webb, we did but just for a few and now today is glorious! Your weather too? GG took a basic life saving course, then next week she starts a MA ( medical assistance) course, which will take her through the middle of August. sometime in July she takes her MCATS again,oh and takes a Kaplan study course for that too.
    In her spare time she'll work at the shop and be a housewife/gardener. She is busy!

    Denise, You should have hopped on the plane! We got lovely little non damaging hail and now today is like an afternoon in September. Go figure.

    Sherri B., No one could have planned it. a happy accident. I am so not jealous.

    Robin, do I bet you'll love it:)

    Semi Expat, no we don't,we need someone as screwy and loveable as the rest of us!

    Rachel, Could I have my own book store?

    The Hattatts, What exactly would that career be? I would be delighted to put down my knife and pick up a ...what?

    Deb, Thank you, I esp loved the banana tree.

    Katie, Try and get me to shut up! Offering info when not requested is my specialty.

    MissP., Anywhere your heart desires xo

    mise, Thank you, I've had many in my life as well. Some don't think it's a good thing, but we know better, right?

  14. Great story Jane, but it should have been YOU! And thanks for the book recommendation - I finished my book club pick early this month and was looking for something else. Karin
    p.s. why am I still anonymous?? Blogger is making me crazy!!

  15. that janie is a god damn awesome story.


  16. It's been raining for four days straight here! I'm starting to go a bit lula!
    By the way... you won my giveaway! Email me your address and I'll pop the book in the post:

  17. I hereby dub you Jane, Modern Day Emma of Blog, Food, and Literary Lands.

    Glad you survived the storm!

  18. loved the story...i have been wanting to read that book....

    off to amazon.....

    kary and teddy

  19. Oh no, you made me laugh and I've got stitches in, I can't laugh, it hurts! Great story, have an adventurous weekend, love Linda x

  20. You are a generous giving person. I like what "Mise" wrote about you being an enabler-no fuss, no fussiness just quiet influence and charisma. You will find that this type of goodness returns to you.
    It must be so rewarding when you make this type of incident happen.
    Love your blog
    Helen Tilston

  21. That's a great story - Prune is in the East Village, tho' :-) But it should be in Brooklyn!