Thursday, March 10, 2011

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

So many possible titles for this post.  Into every life a little rain must fall?  Just look for the silver lining?  A house divided?

Remember GG's daring do?  Well that took care of that until the next storm with 80 mph winds.  We arrived home to find the tree branches full of.....guess. Blossoms? No? Shingles? Yes.  Monday the roofer arrived, bid accepted we settled down to wait for the workmen. But first, today, came the rain.  A steady rainfall that brought us 3 inches outdoors and some indoors .So while Mr. Johns made the loo sparkle, the kitchen ceiling was weeping.

A few early morning polite phone calls brought the roofers out in the rain to cover up the holes.  Another call has landed me an appointment with an insurance adjuster on Monday.  Manners seem to be an effective method of achieving desired results, manners and a sense of humor. Never discount the value of a few laughs.

Kitchen and bathroom have been cleaned and a few pictures taken.  We have kept the original tile installed in 1938.  Though my first wallpaper choice was a black and white butterfly print, when the book fell open to Retro Starburst, we were sold.  Just a tiny bit of metallic glimmer and some strokes of black to tie it into the tiles.

And a vase of frittilaria to remind us all the April showers are on the way, eek.

What's that Irish blessing about a roof over your head? Could you say it for us?



  1. Jane, it's lovely - the perfect blend of stylish today and a touch of old fashioned charm. Are the tiles gray?

    We recently had our kitchen counters redone in black and now the pale aqua walls are too boring. I have been thinking a gray. This might work. Thanks.

    Hope all works out well with the insurance dude and the roofers. I've just sent at least another inch your way. What a washout today was! good luck tonight! xoxo

  2. Lucky me. I had the roof replaced last week on my townhouse. I had a roof leak that the homeowners association had repaired twice and when it leaked again, I begged them to replace it this time (our cul de sac was scheduled for two years hence), which, surprise!, they did.

    Would you believe only an inch and a half for Greensboro out of that storm?

  3. The raindrops have brought forth a great storyteller...
    I'm so sorry about all the mishaps but without the rain, there would be no rainbows...chin up and look for it!
    I would love a little rain (albeit, not in my house) but we had snow yesterday! :(
    Love the tile!

  4. Love the bathroom; those tiles are to die for!

    Hope your roof is fixed ASAP!


  5. Webb, Thanks! Strangely enough the tiles are a celadon green. Guess they photograph gray.

    Can you stop the rain now please?

    Karen, You are so lucky. Ours is patched again. But it is no longer raining indoors. i am strangely euphoric.

    Sarah, Ah....thank you:) Yes and it was a 64 degree rainy day. def a plus.

    Sue, Big compliment coming from you. It may be fixed right now. fingers crossed.

  6. Love your retro bathroom - have you got a 1930s mirror to hang over the basin?? That would look sooo fab!

    Don't love the rain in the house part. Hope that is sorted for you now? xx

  7. So fabulous! And just right - original tiles can be challenging, but yours look smart.

    And, oooh, fritillaria..........

  8. Both the wall paper and the tiles are fantastic! I really like them both. Looks cool and deco :-)

  9. Great tiles and they work so well with the wallpaper... I have green tiles in my bathroom and have always loved them xx

  10. Belinda, We have the original medicine cabinet with a sweet engraved mirror on the front. Luv it. Shingles replaced. Dear God let them stay put.

    Rachel, Of course over the years i was tempted to replace them but I just can't....i love those fritillaria, with a passion.

    Sara Louise, Merci:)

    Deb, Thank God another person with colored tiles, I was beginning to feel so alone.

  11. Little miss Charming needs some sunshine .. fingers crossed the charm works wonders on those insurance people. Looks like you might need the luck of the Irish not our weather!!

    May your glass be ever full,
    may the roof over your head be always strong, and may you be in Heaven half an hour before the devil knows your dead!!

    Sinead xxxx

  12. Sometimes it is so difficult to exhibit our good manners and sense of humor in such situations. Although I'm not at all surprised you were able to keep your cool. You strike me as a strength under pressure kind of gal.

  13. Holy moly, do I just LOVE that wallpaper!! Goes perfectly in that little room. I need to make arrangements to come view it in person, but require a roof given our unpredictable weather.

  14. Jane,
    When you mentioned the name of the wallpaper the other day I could tell I was going to love it. I was right. LOVE it, and your retro tile. I had the same retro colors in my bathroom in my house in California and loved it there, too.
    sorry to hear about roof problems, but of course you are handling it well - humor and good manners go a very long way. Just like our mothers said they would, right? A very good weekend to you and the whole household! Karin

  15. 1938 was a good year for tiles.

    i have sent umbrellas.

    You can have the tulips, or indeed any other picture, but it will obviously shrink your blog.

    and i like your big pictures of interiors.