Saturday, March 12, 2011

Favorite Read Of The Week

" Black is a brilliant, unexpected choice in a child's room.  It looks cosy and prevents pattern from feeling twee."

Living Etc.  March 2011



  1. Hmm..?? Beautiful paper but I believe that I would choose, for a childs room, 'twee' over black if pushed..much better in a powder room.

    Hope you get some sun for your gardening project.

  2. hi jane,

    i think it def depends on the child. that paper is gorgeous and i think it would be beautiful in a childs room if there were big windows to let in light. you know my husbands office is black and it's my fav room to sit in. i wish i had the nerve to paint our bedroom black.


  3. Our 16 year old wants to paint his walls black. I bought him a Nirvana poster and black duvet set instead. Is this mean??

    The paper is so beautiful but very sophisticated - maybe for an older child, and I'm with Janet on the big windows proviso. Amazing in a downstairs loo or if I was more of a laaady, a boudoir.

  4. Comeca, laughing too with tongue in cheek?

    Sherri,I know love the paper. Sun please.

    Janet, I probably would have loved that in my room, I forced my parents to paper mine in a blue and white print my mother kept saying would be more suitable for a dining room. Did that make it okay to eat in bed?

    Belinda, GG laughed out loud at the mean comment. I would love that paper in my room. Let's all have a boudoir!

  5. I'm glad Belinda already gave me a proper introduction to the meaning of "twee", or I wouldn't have been able to agree with Sherri, who makes a very good point. : )

  6. They'll tell us is for teenagers, not children! Except that I drew the line at black for the Lovely Son, knowing how much paint it would take to change it later on; instead he had grey walls and a black fireplace, on which was a horned sheep's skull with a candle. And that was gruesome and gloomy enough, even for a 15-year-old.......

  7. I love the paper! Wish I had a place to put it. xoxo

  8. Yes, I agree not really for a childs room. I saw that same wallpaper used in a french display cabinet in a little boutique once, looked lovely x