Sunday, March 13, 2011

Further Perils Of Pauline

The good:
They returned.  And along with dinner they brought a bag full of chocolate.  They knew who they were and they understood from all of your comments what they had to do.  I thank each and every one of you, (and them) my cupboards are momentarily, comfortingly full.  So is my refrigerator but that's a whole different rant, er, story.

The bad:
Saturday was a warm, sunny day.  Late afternoon at work I walked outside to find the Lab sprawled out on the sidewalk , eyes closed, utterly content.  I sat down on a  concrete bumper in front on her and was petting her and crooning one of my silly songs  when suddenly there was a big bang.  It could have been our Big Bang because the car to our left, not 2 feet from us, was the cause.  The tire exploded, the quarter panel blew out , there was smoke from under the hood and bits and pieces of the car were raining all around us.

I had no idea what had happened.  Until GG and the rest of the shop came running out, we continued to sit.  I think we were totally stunned.  I thought someone was blowing up a balloon and they had overfilled it.  They thought it was a gun or an engine exploding.  We were all wrong.

But we are all right.  Neither of us were hurt, no one lost their hearing, I was just a little dirtier than usual when leaving work. I wondered if I would feel a big rush of gratitude down the line but that hasn't happened yet,  just a small steady stream of happiness.

Today looks like it will hold more good.  The birds are singing, the sun is shining, I am pecking away at the keyboard with  all 10 fingers and we will be off shortly to buy some pansies.

It wasn't our time yet and for that I am also very very happy.

xo Jane

P.S. My hair was blown straight up over my head and I looked like a cartoon character.  Wish we had a pic of that:)


  1. omg jane, all silliness aside this could have been a disaster. i am so, so glad you 2 are ok and are planting pansies today. another reminder of the fragility of life.


  2. Oh dear, I have heard of ties bursting before but not to that extent... glad your ok, you both were very lucky x

  3. Hi Jane,

    This sounds really scary. I have never heard of something like thig happening before. I am glad to hear the two of you are ok!

    Enjoy you sunday!

    Lieve groet,

    Madelief xox

  4. Who are "they?" And what did they bring? Glad you are okay - the tire incident could have really hurt somebody.

  5. What? WHAT? Why aren't you lying down in a cool dark room with someone bringing you gin at regular intervals to stop you from gibbering and trembling? How brave you are!

  6. Janet, I know. Actually when I read your comment that rush of gratitude happened. We are both lucky to be unharmed. xx

    Deb, Yes we are. I had never heard of it happening to a sitting car. But now I know...

    Madelief, Thank you, we are. just back from nursery and off to the garden:)

    Gewn, They are Tine and Nirmal, and they brought chocolate biscuits to fill out empty cupboards. Jesus, that was scary. Only at Co Flo,right?

    Rachel, Oh man I didn't know that was an option, Brave? Just stunned I think. I did wish for a brandy though...

  7. Jane,
    A scary reminder that we should start out our days being thankful as we never know what might happen between then and the next morning. I'm so glad you're alright! Hopefully chocolates and pansies are doing the trick to calm those nerves ~ take care!

    xo sarah

  8. Heyyyyy, I am NOT liking the bad. At all. Just so relieved you are in one piece, old bean. Have grown v fond of you and GG and The Lab, so no more close encounters with exploding cars ok?

    Chocolate at this point is medicinal. Call it iron, as my mother does, (as in, "anyone for a bit of iron?"). Infact, for total comfort, medicinal hot chocolate with medicinal brandy/whisky in it, with medicinal Ritter on the side. There, better already!

  9. That was me, you know. It was all the well-wishing I constantly and tirelessly channel towards you, even while I'm drying the dishes, that made it not a disaster. I'm pleased it worked out, and hope you continue to be very well.

  10. Totally weird, but I'm glad you both are ok. Never heard of that happening and you could have been hurt. An extra glass of wine, I think. Take care. xoxo

  11. Sheesh. Take care of yourself. xx, Denise

  12. Sarah, so true, I feel like I need to do a few things to put my life in order now. Chocolate, pansies and HOURS of work in the garden did their magic.

    Belinda, And we of you. Now I'm walking in parking lots peering suspiciously at peoples tires. Hope to shake that soon! I just had a bite of iron, thank you very much, and I do feel much better:)

    Webb, freaky indeed. Yes we could have been, can you imagine how GG felt? shudder. good to be alive.

    Denise, I'm trying. GG calls me her lucky cricket.

  13. Oh and Mise? thank you. Please keep up the good work. You're thinking of me right now aren't you?
    Of course you are, I'm your very best friend.

  14. Hey Jane, I need chocolate after that shock! Really glad to hear you and the lab are ok. Hope GG looking after you.Sinead x

  15. That's a country thing! Tyres aren't meant to go like that in populated areas!!!
    You do know that chocolate is the best cure for shock?!!!! xoxo

  16. Jane, so glad you and the lab are okay - glad it was just a reminder to appreciate the birds singing, the sun shining, having all ten fingers, and planting pansies with GG and the lab. I'd say all in all you had a good weekend! Karin

  17. That must have been frightening! Very happy that you are OK :-)
    And oh those Digestives make me miss Dublin! x