Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sweet Dreams?

Could there be anything sadder than coming in from the last dog walk of the evening, cheeks flushed with cold, swathed in layers of down and wool and heading off to the kitchen for one little bite of chocolate to find: no chocolate.

Daffodils, yes. Dirty dinner dishes, check, a hungry cat, double check.  But no chocolate.
Not one bite.  Not a biscuit, not a square of Ritter's Sports Bar, nada.  Even the plain biscuits were covered in Nutella and eaten by guests on Sunday.  And this was after they finished the digestives and the chocolate bar.  You know who you are.  I'm sorry I had to make this public.

I still love you.


  1. You are a very forgiving soul to overlook such an offense. On the other hand, you are also quite clever in making this public, in doing so you are surely guaranteed a peace offering of the chocolate kind.

  2. Oh I know the feeling, and I'm glad it wasn't me who did such a dreadful thing to you. In times of momentuous crisis like that, what I do is make chocolate fudge, as it's unlikely that the guests will have finished all the milk, sugar, butter and cocoa powder. They just aren't that cunning.

  3. This is exactly why you need a little tin, hidden at the back of a cupboard, with emergency chocolate - or maybe just a spare jar of Nutella.....

  4. That is just wrong!
    At least one piece should always be left...or...you should keep a secret stash!!!! xo

  5. Renee, that's right!

    Sherri B., only you would pick up on my diabolical scheme.

    Mise, how right you are. Wish you had posted this last night...but I will know for next time. Should such an awful occurrence happen again.

    Rachel, I know, hidden from all, even my generous hostess GG.

    Julienne, I appreciate your strong disapproval. Secret stash it is!

  6. What's your favourite chocolate? Milk or dark?

  7. Marie, Dark for sure....but in a pinch I'll eat milk.

  8. I think it is the full moon that is doing this to you!!! You should always have a hidden stash of chocolate ! Sinead x

  9. Hi Jane,

    I so feel for you! Poor girl!!!!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  10. You know...
    word has it that there WERE chocolate covered pretzels in the butter safe...
    but you didn't ask, so....