Monday, February 21, 2011

What Goes Around Comes Around

In honor of Miss Pickering who has linked to me vis a vis her BIG pictures, I feel a new post is in order.

After all how many more of you want to read my full moon lament?  No show of hands, thought not.

And in all fairness I must link to Marie, who took time between her travels, and cooking and gardening to show me how to SUPERSIZE my previously puny shots.

I just returned from the garden hoping to find something to show you other than snowdrops, but alas, no.  I can report the daffodil greens continue to grow, there are whorls of green around the base of the sedum and that even though we have snow in the forecast for tomorrow, my freshly pedicured feet didn't freeze in flipflops.

And I can only hope there wasn't another ambitious blogger out there searching for a shot who found me, the dictionary picture of bed head, with a sweater clearly buttoned by a 5 year old wandering around with a camera and a Lab.

Indoors is a different story. I have just baked a batch of granola, the house smells of cinnamon and honey, a big pink peony has just burst open in the kitchen and I'll be off to marinate a roast and fold some warm laundry.

Not bad, not bad at all.  So I leave you with the question burning up the keyboards in Britain.  Should she or should she not get a tattoo?


  1. Thanks, Ms Jane :-) Yesterday I considered posting supersized bluebell shoots, Sometimes too big is just too big. Must wait till May.

  2. Hi Jane,

    It sounds like your garden is the same as mine is at the moment....only snowdrops! Are you seriously considering a tattoo or are you talking about someone else?

    Happy new week!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  3. Marie, damn you didn't tell me they were seasonal...

    Madelief, No, not me, Miss Pickering. It's a little late for me:)

  4. I can - what we love now may not be what we love in 10 years time. Anyone wanting to see what laser removal of tattoos really looks like, let me know, and I'll be happy to forward photos of my son's bloody-blistered arms.......

  5. All this talk of snowdrops - I guess I'm going to see if they will work in Zone 7b. I'm not planting thousands though like what I keep seeing on other blogs.

  6. Snow drops - doh I should have planted some! Grape muscari shall be my spring stem treat. Glad your toes didnt freeze. Re the Tatoo my thoughts were it says more these days not having one! I am still fascinated by them though. BTW that granola is talking to me saying eat me!!! I might just have to make a batch tomorrow! Sinead x

  7. oh I gotta figure that big pic posting thing out. Homemade granola!!! :))))

  8. "the house smells of cinnamon and honey, a big pink peony has just burst open in the kitchen and I'll be off to marinate a roast and fold some warm laundry." This sounds like wonderful, warm, cozy, heaven!

  9. A house smelling of cinnamon and honey? Ahhh, lovely.

    A tattoo? I'm a terrible person to ask. I'm far too frightened of needles.

  10. Between you, me, and your many readers, i already one. Have done for years, i love it, The Mother Hen does not, so we do not talk of it in her presence.

    Also it is about width, your blog is wider than mine. How is it so? How is it that i can't change the width without undoing all my careful choice of font and colours?

    I am over big pictures.


  11. Jane,

    I like big pictures, I think they are purty.