Sunday, February 20, 2011

Full Moon Madness

Have I missed out on all the full moon chatter?  Was it not incredible?  Did you also find it to be an extremely aggressive moon?

On Friday afternoon at work my boss and I raised our voices at one another, something that rarely if ever happens.  For 2 only children we did pretty well at being pissed.  She stormed out to go to the bank and I marched around like a storm cloud for about 5 minutes until I had the grace to remember we were both still totally exhausted from the St. Valentines Day massacre and were taking it out on one another.  I quickly called her to apologize, she quickly accepted my apology, and the rest of the day was a happy one. 
Later that day, GG and I were happily ensconced in pedicure thrones, reading and talking away.  The salon was packed,the mood was light and then kaboom, a big, fat SUV tried to wedge itself in between a Hyundai and GG's truck.  It didn't fit.  The driver stomped into the nail salon, snarled at the Hyundai owner, snapped at GG that she didn't touch the truck and stormed back out.  Luckily no noticeable damage was done to the truck and we could concentrate on the economic crisis in Ireland ( me), Cellini's My Life ( GG) and what color to paint our nails. All weighty matters...

We have stepped lightly through the rest of the weekend, enjoying the sun, the full moon and our peaceful home.

I think everyone should take a little time out of their busy lives and get some pampering.  A mani and a pedi would go a long way to promoting world peace.


  1. Now I need to know what you mean by a truck. Here in the UK it tends to be a large commercial vehicle, usually driven by burly Truck Drivers, who would look with scorn on any suggestion of a mani-pedi....

  2. Maybe I should try that sometime??????


  3. I have red nail polish, it goes by the name of Vodka and Caviar.

    i like both.

    and the moon.


  4. Jane that is the gospel truth. When I'm at my wit's end I do something if it's only to go for a drive to break up mood. Pedi's are truly one of those relaxing respites in life.

    Now is back to Monday again...

    Cheers for a great new week. xx Deb

  5. I'd add a massage to your list. And how about that moon - gorgeous! xo

  6. Agree, Mani Pedis should be compulsory!! And guess what? I will admit when I read the title of your post I thought to myself " Oh what a coincidence we had one last night too " !! (full moon) before realising - Duuuhuhh!! of course we did - we still all have the same moon. Am so slow sometimes!! XXX

  7. That moon was incredible. We tried to take a picture of it, but somehow the pictures we took never seemed to quite capture its real-life beauty.

    Sorry it seemed to make things a little crazy in your life there for a moment.


  8. Rachel, it's a very little pick up truck. I'll take a picture and send it to you. Don't y'all have little personal size trucks there? Maybe we should export some? We'll go into business!

    Sue, I keep telling you....xo

    Miss P., Of course you do:)

    Deb, Now it is Monday for sure. But what luck I have today off!

    Webb, A massage is next up. And that was one incredible BIG moon.

    Sarah, When we were walking the Lab, and admiring the moon, I was hoping all my blogger friends were enjoying the same loveliness.

    Maria, I know, I get trying to get a closer picture, but as large as it was I was too small and far away. Guess I was close enough to feel the crazy though!

  9. I'm late to the party as usual! I didn't realize there was a conversation going on about the moon, but here's my two cents - I met a friend for a glass of wine Friday night after yoga, and when we walked out of the restaurant the sight of the full moon low in the sky literally took our breath away. It was beautiful. But I didn't notice any pissy people out and about. I did notice I had a very hard time in tree pose though...

  10. Oh lord, a little pampering sounds divine. Good for you!
    That moon threw a few wrenches into the peace here at home. Pheew, good thing the intensity faded quickly.
    Too bad nail polish is rapidly worn away by dirt. In less than an hour my nails are always back to normal. Ahh, but fancy toes are another matter. They are like a little hidden secret in a world of mud and work!
    Thanks for the reminder!