Friday, February 18, 2011

Unload Spring from Camera

Update on spring: As advertised Thursday was warm and sunny.  People were smiling, clothes were lightly layered and many fresh pedicures were unveiled.

I left work early and rushed home to let out the animals and  to sit outside reading the newspaper. Yes, I said, I sat outside.

And suddenly we were surrounded.  3 neighbors, 1 bearing 2 children and a rottweiler larger than said children were in the yard.  And we were hanging out talking like it was .....spring.  The Lab was so excited by the handsome presence of Cato, the huge rottie, she raced inside and brought him her squirrel.  She tried to make it squeak but no squeak left.  He just wasn't that into her anyway.

From the alley behind the house we heard children playing, pit bulls barking and hip hop blasting.  Someday soon one of us is going to light up a barbecue.

We're back world, and shall be making periodic appearances as the weather permits.


  1. Isn't the first warm day grand! I saw neighbors yesterday that I haven't seen since Oct.!

    Enjoy every minute of it ~ :)

  2. Sounds heavenly; we were warmer here but not nice enough to sit outside!

    Love the Lab, sooooo adorable!


  3. Isn't it wonderful? I walked to a meeting 4 blocks away from my office yesterday and it was glorious. The birds were so happy! And today - short sleeves! I'm in love with the world right now! Karin

  4. oh spring, you lovely lovely season you. i've heard through the grapevine that summer is making a guest appearance today, that sassy little tease!

    xoxo kat

  5. Should've phoned me, I'd have popped straight over with Campari and icecubes, maybe a glossy magazine. A small something for you as well to show goodwill as you plied me with spring day snacks. As it was, I was out in the rain. Still am, as a matter of fact. I'm not sure whether that water you see on your comments is the rain or my tears.

  6. Isn't that always the way. The one we think is the most interesting just doesn't care about us. Bad Cato!

    What is that lovely stem (shrub?) in the top picture

  7. Witch hazels in full bloom on the Mall! Runny nose and eyes tell me something else is blooming, too. Yet there is snow in the forecast. Let's enjoy what we've got right now!!

  8. omg
    i need spring!!
    i love spring.
    and fall
    and winter
    and all i have is a hot summer all year.

    i need to move up up up up
    and away from the equator {? sp}

  9. Don't you just want to bottle that sublime feeling of the first inkling of Spring? Bliss.

  10. Sarah, So glad to know everybody survived the winter, right?

    Sue, Soon for you I hope. We have snow predicted for Tuesday. Making raspberry noise.

    Karin, I'm in love and off for a pedicure after work. O happy days.

    Katie, It will be summerier for you shortly.

    Mise, maybe the glossy mag you were in since i couldn't find it here. And you can join me for a pedicure.

    Webb, It's a pussywillow. A very large catkined willow. GG grew it from a branch we took home from the shop. Now it threatens to engulf our little back deck:)

    Gwen We're all sneezing and running around red eyed here too. But I wish we had some witch hazel, I love those branches.

    Renee, You'll be here in April,right?Hopefully we'll show you some beautiful spring days then.

    Belinda, I do, every year I'm caught unaware of how ever so slightly blue I was. Blue be gone.

  11. Looks like we've swapped weather.

    Hail here yesterday and the day before, and now there's snow up on Mt. St. Helena.

    But I am not to complain, we had like 3 glorious weeks of solid sun.

    So I'm glad you're finally getting to enjoy some much deserved Spring warmth!

  12. Jane,

    What a great post! I am sitting here prepping for about 8-12 inches of snow starting Saturday. We had a string of beautiful days though.

  13. I'm getting so excited about the arrival of Spring after reading this....Can you make the arrival of Autumn sound as good?!!!!xoxo

  14. Aaaah, dear Lab showing off the squirrel!! And I love your Spring posts... the one before also gorgeous with the snowdrops and that gorgeous find of a thrift store with linen. THe stuff dreams are made of.. (well, definitely mine!) X

  15. glad you're lovely...aahhhh
    SPRING !!!!

    sending love today,
    kary and teddy

  16. Oh, I loved this post..! So perfectly you, Jane - generous, welcoming, sunny and warm. Loved it.

    Sounds like you've been well. So glad, dear.