Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm A Believer

That spring is on it's way.  I heard a rumor that we will have a 65degree day today and one reaching 69 tomorrow.

The snowdrops are up and the tete a tetes are showing green.

I have found the loveliest blog, Floret Flower Farm, that I have taken to reading like a favorite book before I go to sleep at night.  And open in the morning for a moment of sheer loveliness.

And I discovered a new thrift store full of affordable treasures.

Yesterday was our first hint of spring day and when I came home the Lab, of course rushed out to greet me with a mouth full of stuffed squirrel, and the cat stood in the doorway and took several deep breaths and then ventured outside, for the first time in months.  She made out with the boxwood for several moments and went back in the house with a happy gait.

I think she's a believer too.


  1. I am a believer.

    You have to be careful when and where you say that.

    I am first to the party today. Joy.

  2. Just discovered that blog too - maybe via a comment on yours was it? - what an ocean of inspiration! That sweetpea patch...

    I woke today, for the first time in sooo long, to a cacophony of birdsong. Yeah, I'm a believer too!xx

  3. Two doilies please, a glove and a small bunch of snowdrops. I feel that they could turn my life round and I too could believe.

  4. oooh, where is said thrift store of afforableness?

  5. made out with the boxwood. too cute jane. i'll go check out your new fav blog, you have really good taste when it comes to blogs.


  6. Miss P., You are totally correct. I shall use this phrase sparingly. Glad you're first to the party, you can help me pick out a frock to wear.

    Belinda, Man I would love a wagonfull of her flowers. You've made me believe in spring too.

    Mise,Get out your prayerbook sister, they're on their way.

    Katie, A small but lively vintage clothing selection too. I'll link to them. Can't remember name, still brain dead.

    Janet, Did you swoon?

  7. too! Just walked to a meeting about 4 blocks away, and it was beyond lovely! The sun - shining! The sky - BLUE! The birds - singing! The temp - almost 70! YESSSS!
    And I can picture the cat doing just that!
    Isn't life wonderful!

  8. Yep, it's coming. My scaredy boy cats have started venturing out through the cat flap and spending time hiding in the neighbour's back yard. It's hardly adventurous, but they're outdoors for the first time in months!

  9. Believing in Central VA! A cardinal today! but still not a blossom anywhere! Must plant snowdrops! 71 right now. Headed for the deck and a glass of vino!

  10. Jane..If I leave now I might get there before Mothers Day! Oh The poor squirrel?! Sinead x

  11. Karin, it truly is. I hear birds even as I write this...welcome back!

    Rachel, Now if we are only brave enough to but the flea drops on ours. We normally maintain a respectful distance from her...

    Webb, 71, you lucky woman you. This time last year we were still covered in snow. Remember?

    Sinead, Well come on then! The stuffed squirrel IS a toy, but it seems to have lost it's squeak along the way!

  12. Indeed I do! I did not set foot (literally) in my backyard from the second week in November 2009 until mid-March in 2010. It was either snow covered or so wet that it sucked my boots off. This year I have spent two afternoons deadheading and by the end of this week, should have all of that finished. Still nothing much poking its head up, but surely it will come soon.

  13. Oh dear! I do hope your Spring arrives beautifully and soon...but that does mean our Autumn is on it's way and I am not quite ready yet!!!! xoxo

  14. Linens! I have a linen fetish...

  15. Yesterday, the little girl that I nanny for and I played a game: As we walked around the street of Brooklyn, we would look at every, little flower bed along the sidewalk looking for signs of spring - I told her to keep her eyes out for bright green shoots poking up out of the ground. She bounded from one tiny plot to the next saying, "It's Spring! It's Spring! I see it!" (Smile)

    Oh, and P.S. I would probably walk into that thrift store - never to walk out. It looks lovely.