Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Look Into My Eyes......

Good Morning, Today I bring you the 7 dwarfs all rolled up into one person.  Sleepy, grumpy, happy, bitchy,sneezy, grateful and slow moving.

Since my last day off I've worked over 60 hours, on my feet, up and down stairs, flying out the door after drivers, dodging customers, carrying buckets, yielding knives.

I have several alarming bruises and abrasions on my body, just enough to decide to postpone a massage for another time.  I look like a over the hill boxer or a junkie in training.

But it's done and over and I was graced with today off which takes me out of the line of fire for The Complaints.

Just to give you an indication of our level of exhaustion yesterday by 4:00pm the word potty sent us into gales of hysterical laughter.  Please don't tell anyone I told you this.  Seriously, potty, so we said it whenever possible.

Our housekeeper will be here in about an hour so I'm straightening up so she can clean up.  Then what?  Maybe down the hill for a new book and magazine, maybe a treat.  Then home for a nap.  Right now the Lab and I can't seem to leave the bedroom.  It's sunny and calm, no phones ringing, clean sheets on the bed.  You are getting very sleepy......


  1. poor thing!
    I'd rush out in semi-jammies, get myself a treat or two then I'd be right back in that sunfilled bedroom under my clean sheets ~ and wouldn't think twice about it!

  2. I thought about you yesterday and how busy and tired you probably were... Have a well deserved, restful day today.

  3. hi jane,

    i did think about you yesterday and i'm glad you survived. your house is looking pretty orderly btw and that's before the housekeeper? omg. i'd never leave that sunny bedroom.


  4. I took today off also - feeling very creaky!! You know, we always had to 'clean' the house before the "Ladies" came to clean it. Looked about as spotless as yours! Thanks again for all the fun the last three days, loved it. G.

  5. Can your housekeeper come to my house when she's done over there?


  6. Sarah, Thanks that's all the permission need. BUT I have to wait for housekeeper to come and leave. Grrr

    Sherri B., Thanks I think all the thoughts helped, it was a pretty fun day considering the craziness.

    Janet, I don't want to. It looks clean already, right? Maybe I'll put a sign on the door to come again another day!

    Gwen creaky exactly! Do your knees hurt when you have to go to the potty? Sorry, just cracking myself up over here. Thanks for the full time help and all the laughs! xo

    Sue, She probably will, I loaned her to another neighbor and she's been there ALL morning. Sheesh, might as well be in Canada.

  7. Would you get your colleagues to transcribe The Complaints for us so that we may read them? Your customers are like none other, you see, and are bound to teach us a certain sidelong approach to life.

  8. oh my! you HAVE been busy...hope you get some much needed rest!

  9. Woo hoo - Enjoy your well earned day off! And you have a cleaner??!!! Lucky you! Sinead x

  10. You sound tired out. I think you need a little holiday....

  11. Mise, You know I'll post any juicy ones immediately! They will teach you how to act entitled.

    Belinda, Thanks:)

    Ann Marie, A yoga teacher? That is precisely what I need right now, a yoga class. To even think of stretching is heavenly.

    Urbanstems, only every 2 weeks,but my fav 2 days of the month.

    Rachel, I am and I do. Wish could visit all my buddies in England and Ireland. let's hold a raffle to buy tickets!

  12. Hi Jane,

    I am guessing you are pretty spent by now. I thought about you over the holiday, every time I saw flowers in fact! By the way, your home is way too clean and organized, it makes me hold my head in shame when I look at this post!

  13. That bed is looking pretty damn comfy and you deserve that nap, girl! Go rest! Karin

  14. Sweet dreams Jane,- you deserve them!! XX

  15. My word of the day, "potty". hee hee

  16. i can not imagine how hard you worked on V DAY.
    you poor babe.
    take a nice hot bubbly
    and a brownie
    and a glass of icy cold milk....
    then to sleep xxx