Monday, February 14, 2011

My Funny Valentine

Have I told you about my friend Gwen?  She's a special events coordinator at the National Museum Of Natural History and a brilliant flower designer.  Not only has she worked Saturday and Sunday with us at the store, she's taken Monday off from her real job to spend all day Valentines stressing and  arranging around the table,  listening to the same CD's play and me run and and on.

Plus she took a picture of her Valentine flowers from her husband B. and sent it to me so I would have something to post to celebrate this crazy holiday.

Cause for all my griping about the amount of work we and every other florist around the world has to do, I'm a big believer in love in all it's guises.

So Happy Valentine's Day to each and every one of you.  And I'll see you on the flip side.

xo Jane

P.S. Though I didn't say word one to her she knew I was doing this one for her.  Hmmm.


  1. What a good friend to have! I'd love the chance to work in a florist's shop for a day or two... sadly, I don't know any florists here upon whom to inflict myself.....

    Valentine's Day is always a bit of a non-event for some of us; perhaps I should get my camera and organise Flossie and her yelping heart toy, just to show willing!

  2. Rachel, exactly. what i meant by all its guises:)

  3. Oh, those orchids! Beautiful! I wish I could work in a florist's shop for a day, too. NOT Valentine's day, just some ordinary Wednesday or something. I would love to be surrounded by the smells and all the beauty. BUT - not only do I not know a florist in my own town, I really, truly suck at flower arranging...I do however, know beauty when I see it, and you, my dear do beautiful work! Happy Tuesday!! Karin

  4. Hi Jane! Glad to hear you guys have some extra help and company! I am sending happy St. Valentine's Day vibes to you- may all men and women who enter your joint be calm, cool, and collected, even a 5pm, or 9pm, or whenever you finally get to go home to what I am assuming will be an awesome and cozy supper :).

    Hope all is going well!



  5. Hi Jane,

    Lucky you to have a friend like Gwen to help you out! I hope you had fun as well the last couple of days :-)! Did you get a bouquet yourself?

    Lieve groet & Happy Valentine's day!


  6. beautiful flowers and i'll be sending you good thoughts all day. i'm sure right about now you'd like to kill someone or something. breathe, baby, breathe!


  7. hip hip hooray for Gwen! Awesomesauce florist topped with an always rad hairdo. :) Everytime we stop by to say hi, I always leave wishing I was one of you. oh to be surrounded by flowers all day! xoxo kat

  8. I have just finished.

    I just wanted to tell you that although it doesn't seem like it.

    There is an end to it all.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you crazy Americans with your Justin Bieber bouquets.

    I did not know he was Canadian.

    GG is so wise.

    Love you

  9. You are hopefully wrapping up soon (ish). Love is not one big thing but a million small things. Im sure if you get a cup of tea handed to you this evening you may weep with joy! Sinead x

  10. Kudos to Gwen - for helping you, but also for the orchid show at the Museum. I spent way too little time there on Saturday. They asked me to leave after I drooled so much. They are wonderful.

    Happy Tuesday to you! xoxo

  11. Pshaw, you praise me TOO much Jane!! I had a great time, even during our little meltdowns - which fortunately iced back over in record time. Get a lovely hot bath, nice meal, and rest well knowing you made many people happy over these last few days.

  12. Thank you for your lovely comment today! It made perfect sense... I can only imagine how you must feel!! Big hug. It's nearly over.