Monday, March 14, 2011

Thumbelina Dance. Thumbelina Sing.

Two, count 'em, two sunny springlike days here in the state of Virginia.  Sunday we worked an unknown amount of hours in the garden.  The front beds are ready for their spring mulch and I'm ready for 2 more Advil.  Today, I planted the pansies, violas and some seeds of lettuce, arugula and radishes.

 I should have been clearing  out attic space for the insurance adjuster to walk around, but it's hard to stay inside when the sun is shining. Luckily she was our kind of woman.  She kept exclaiming over the forsythia, the pussy willow, how clean the front beds were.  And how cute the house was.

Apparently there will be no problem with my claim.  With all the devastation in Japan, I felt somewhat silly complaining about wind and water damage. But I'm trying to keep calm and carry on. And it was the next right thing to do.

There are only a few flowers carrying on in the garden.  One hellebore is finally in flower, a lonely snowdrop has pushed up in a bed after being buried alive for 5 years after we took a tree down and of course the violas were ready for their closeup 5 minutes after being planted.

 I was not ready for any kind of photo op.  Today's  work ensemble consisted of the thermal shirt I slept in, an old pair of  GG's rugby sweats and gold ballet flats???  And yet in the garden I am more of myself  then when I am groomed and perfumed  and off for a night on the town.

Peace.  Find it when and where you can.

I understand there is a Bloom Day party somewhere in the world on the 15th.  If I can find it I'm taking my  pansies and going to visit.  Will you be there?  I promise to clean up a little.


  1. I'm at peace in the dirt too! It's so rewarding to dig and plant then fill my home with all the beautiful flowers . . . I feel great with rosy cheeks and dirt in my hair!
    Hope your days stay pretty ~

  2. Sometimes I think the garden is the only place I am really at peace. Worked several hours on Sunday and made great progress, but it was too cold today.

    Belinda has the link to Bloom Day on today's post. Lots of little stuff coming up, so maybe I can finally get into spring mode soon.


  3. oh man i wish gg would take a pic of you in the thermal, sweats and gold ballet flats. i bet that's something!


  4. I am so glad you got some sun and a chance to get your hands dirty. I can't wait for the dirt under the nails..I should wear gloves but I don't, I like to feel the earth.

    Really frightening about the tire explosion in your last happy you and The Lab were not hurt.

  5. Lettuce and arugula and radishes, oh my. Love the pansies too.

  6. Gold ballet flats, love the sound of those.. and the colour of thoses pansies.. potted up cosmos and tomatoes today x

  7. Yes, I agree...I am more myself when I am in the garden as have some pretty spring colors here.

  8. Be a proper blogger and do the "shoe" shot.

    I have done it once, i was wearing grey ballet pumps and fishnet stockings.


  9. It's been pretty here that's for sure. I love those pretty little violas. :)

  10. oh so pretty and happy!!!!
    brand new flower babies.

  11. I think you must have found my post through GBBD, but in case you didn't it's at May Dreams Gardens. It has been very cold this spring in the mid-Atlantic and especially cold today, but it means all the flowers last a long time.

  12. Jane -
    We had a beautiful weekend here in NC, too. As I was working in the garden on Sunday morning, (dressed very similarly to your outfit, I might add)I turned to the bf, who was working on his own projects and said "You know this is my definition of the good life".
    Love the pansies! Please post if you hear anything about bloom day?

  13. Looking good at your place. I don't know why I never planted violas this year, but they knew how I loved them and self seeded everywhere, mostly in the lawn.

    Bloom Day is at May Dreams Gardens if anybody missed the link.

  14. Why does working in a garden increase our sense of peace, why? I really want to know! There is a certain type of hope to be found in planting isn't there, not that the ills of the world will cease obviously (doh), but that there is new life and regeneration and order in out there in nature as well as terror? A counter balance to all the shock.

    Whatever, glad we all had some green therapy, and delighted to have some pals joining me for Bloom Day, it was a bit of a Norma no-mates deal for me before!

    ps gold ballet pumps for gardening - with the tracksuit bottoms - we are all rolling our eyes and groaning that you didn't include a pic, gorgeous though your blooms are!!

  15. Jane,

    I am so in awe that you are gardening now...I have two months, and fret about flooding in these parts.

    I would like to see you in your ballet pumps. Very much.

  16. I hope you had John Denver on in the background singing the Garden song!! Gold pumps - loving it. My question is did you have socks on?! Please dont say black ones!...Sinead x

  17. Ps Im going to tag along to the garden bloom day party with you.I dont have gold pumps ..I have silver glittery converse- that ok!! Sinead x

  18. Hey you all, you can't imagine how frustrating it is to sneak over to the computer during work and read a few comments, maybe check out a blog or three but not be able to take the time to reply to you guys right then and there.

    But I gather that you all think my gardening outfit was nothing short of fabulous and in answer to Sinead's question, there were no socks involved. Just bare feet baby.
    We have a perfectly terrible pic of me gardening last spring with a sweatshirt, a hat jammed down on my head and a pair of sunglasses giving my hair wings and I'm smirking....maybe if you all are very good....

  19. SPRING! It's been raining for the past five days here. Grey and rainy for five days! I need those flowers, I need a little spring :-)