Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Me And My Dwarf Forsythia

Oh I feel such the dilettante gardener.  From the top of my needs to be cut soon head (tomorrow) to the toes of my scuffed gold ballet flats ( not gold heels as suggested by some of you) I stand in awe to the other 100's of gardeners who posted both inspiring pictures and the Latin names of their blooms yesterday on May Dreams Gardens Bloom Day yesterday.

There I was happily prattling on about my pansies and a single snowdrop that survived  a massive burial in my garden years ago . And I'm still sporting my December header. Shame,shame,shame. I did not show well. So next month, on the 15th of April, I promise to show up in a pair of wellies with dictionary in hand.  Maybe I'll wear glasses.  Maybe I'll steal one of  Webb's camellia pictures and use it as a new header:)

But let me tell you who did shine.  Travelers, my insurance company, came through.  Roof leaked on Thursday, roofing company came in the  rain and replaced shingles. On Monday afternoon, a lovely adjuster arrived, took some photos, admired the house and garden.  By Monday night a check was cut and in the mail.  When does this happen?  I've always heard horror stories from people attempting to get reimbursed from their insurance companies.Thank you Travelers, faith affirmed.

I'm hoping once the attic drywall and insulation is replaced,the kitchen ceiling repainted and we have a visit from an electrician, maybe, just maybe, we can begin to rebuild the Send Jane and GG to England Fund.

If not, we can always pour a cup of tea, tilt our heads back and while admiring our freshly painted ceiling think of England.


  1. Look at all of that yellow (and gold) -- fabulous.

  2. I have the same gold flats! What's your feeling on Forsythia? I use to hate. But then I caught a glimpse of some wild big bushes in full bloom off the side of the expressway and the yellow just popped and I had to smile broadly. I have a new love for it. I bought a big closed bunch at the market stuck it in the window and have enjoyed watching the blaze aglow. Glad to hear the Travelers came through for you!

  3. Faithful Fosythia, always strong and bold in announcing the promise that spring will come...How nice that you had a good experience with the insurance adjuster, I actually have a good report about a dealing with, none other than the IRS, quite pleasant really (miracles never cease)...You remind me that I need to go out back and see if my crocus have come up, off I go now, have a good evening.

  4. loving those little gold flats jane. miss doris would be proud.

    the get janet to france fund is under attack by the irs and i'm not too happy about that. don't they know how long i've waited for this?

    nice to know my fund is not the only one suffering.


  5. Denise #1, you made me laugh out loud. no mean feat in print.

    Denise #2, We have the same wellies too! The only reason I have this growing is its compact shape. The yellow is a nice blast of spring but I'm not overcome by the size. And I like to use it at work, but the loose local branches, not the sawed off Dutch ones. Know what I mean?

    Sherri B.,Have your crocuses come up? It's always such a pleasant surprise when the villains turn out to be humans. Don't get me started on Sears!

    Janet, What are 2 poor girls to do? Let's put on a play!

  6. A fund! What fun! I'll organize a cake sale for it. And one of those guess how many jelly beans in the giant jar contests. If we collect a whole lot of money, will you be popping over to Ireland too?

  7. We once, or twice had a France fund. But now it's just a colorful Trader Joe's coffee can with a bunch of quarters in it for the ice cream man who is actually kinda creepy. But he has those giant ice cream sandwiches... Am I rambling? I never liked Forsynthia until I saw it complete disarray. Wonderful that the insurance thing went so smoothly! Have a great evening.

  8. First, I LOVE the flats - so Elegant Gardner!

    Second, you may absolutely have the camellia photo. The bush is almost overwhelming - there are so many blossoms.

    And third, I've grown into forsythia, too. For some reason all the ones in my growing-up-neighborhood were trimmed into yellow balls - kinda tennis balls on steroids. The neighbor next door has the untouched wild kind that just shout "SPRING" to me. Your bush does the same.

    Hope it dries up enough to get back into the garden this weekend!

  9. I new those ballet flat would be the lovely stylish kind.. thats just how I had pictured them in my head x

  10. England awaits. With bated breath.....

  11. I know! When I went to the Blooms Day show I was so impressed! I'm glad to hear there will be one in April as well. I WILL BE PREPARED.
    I love the forsythia, too. Some people in my neighborhood (older ladies, mostly) tie (?) or trim theirs up in all kinds of weird shapes, but I love the free flowing wild kind I see on the side of the road better. Of course, these are the same ladies who tie all their daffodil leaves up in little "packages", too...

  12. Your house ought to be practically brand-new by now, eh? Plenty of time to get to England before the next repair. Feeling your pain - replaced DVD, TV, and vaccuum, all three last week. Not as grand a scale as your repairs, but enough to sympathize...

  13. Mise, yay! a cake sale. Sinead has a friend who not only bakes perfect cakes, I believe she's in Ireland too. We'll be there before the paint has time to dry.

    Countingdandelions,So this is what it all boils to in the end? A can full of coins for a creepy ice cream guy? Ok, bring on the dessert.

    Webb, You are not only a great gardener but a generous friend. Dry up? I hear we're getting more rain(:

    Deb, Thank God, I'm not sure what others thought i was wearing but the word disco kept popping into my head.

    Rachel, Thank you. Better take a few deep ones though, not so sure how fast that can will fill up.

    Karin,How about the ones who grow all different azaleas next to one another and them shear them into a big multicolored ball??!!

    Gwen, You'd think so. But now we probably have to start all over. I long for a new vacuum cleaner. What ever happened to longing for a new pair of boots?

  14. Hey twinkle toes, I can offer a reduction on Uk holiday accomodation costs - open invite, slightly shambolic on occasions (kids, dog etc!), but great tea and scones!!xx