Monday, January 10, 2011

The Gift A Month Club

I am loving the month of January.  The gift of January to me is time. 

I stay up later and on my days off, sleep longer.

GG's classes don't start until the 24th of the month and we have time for home projects.  Cleaning out the attic and making a BIG run to Goodwill.  Decorating the newly painted bedroom and hallway.

Time to spend with friends, usually around  the table eating.

Time to see movies, read more books, post more blog entries, daydream, nap and just breathe.

Last night one of our dinner guests told me I looked relaxed.  NOBODY ever says this , usually they tell me I look tired.

So the days are short ( but they're getting longer daily) and the weather's cold (  remember spring will hit here in two months people) the fact that I look, and feel rested is worth it all to me.

Last night's dinner with good friends was another gift in itself, we got good company and a dozen eggs from their farm and they got salmon smoked by GG's father and the roast.

 From the sounds of our meals these days and the comments you all have been leaving perhaps a little gym time this month would also be in order? 



  1. Oh, boy - I would say so, Jane...but WHAT a way to go!! Glad you're eating well and sleeping even better. G.

  2. If anyone deserves a calm month it's florists in January. You worked your butt off in December, didn't you. I love your plates. Anything would taste great off of them.

    Enjoy your time!

  3. My, that's a generous portion of smoked salmon. Drool drool.....

  4. Wow, your January seems absolutely perfect, and that salmon looks heavenly. Enjoy.

  5. hi jane,

    rest up. isn't valentines day around the corner? omg, how do you do it?


  6. Gwen, I'm still reeling over the eight hours B. spent skinning the walnuts....surprising I could sleep last night with that on my mind!

    Webb, Speaking for all the spent florists, thank you. We do deserve a break, and hopefully we're all taking one!

    Rachel, I know, and what made it even more generous was that one of our guests was allergic to fish ( who knew) so were forced to have some for breakfast today. Damn:)

    Denise, Funny that, usually this month drives me crazy. Much better plan to enjoy it!

    Janet, OMG yes it is. We're already planning. Can you hear me grinding my teeth? xo

  7. I'll be there to help kick a*s for V'day, don't worry. It's a Monday, right?

  8. Yay Gwen, It's a Monday indeed so we'll be doing the magic on Saturday and Sunday. Name your poison.

  9. Jane,

    I am glad you have some time to do fun things. I really like your plates!

  10. Rest and time spent with friends around the dinner table sounds perfect. Happy January, my friend.


  11. So glad you have had some R&R time...... much deserved, now what time do you want me for dinner tonight? Tee Hee,

    Sarah x

  12. Jane,
    I'm happy to hear you know how to relax. Do it while you can!

  13. You deserve it! Drum roll please.. I would like to award you with a Stylish bloger award.Apparently to accept it you need to
    thank and link back to the person who awarded you
    share 7 things about yourself
    Award 10 great bloggers that you have RECENTLY discovered
    contact those bloggers and tell them about the award. But you can choose to do so or not. But just so you know I love your blog. Sinead x

  14. I'm so curious about the pink cube-y stuff....salmon mousse, taramasalata, blancmange, icecream, milk jelly/o...??

    How fabulous to be told you looked relaxed, I would love that - calm, rested and zen-like, what an achievement!! Glad that the down-time is so happy. x

  15. Julia, Thank you, majolica, my favorite.

    Hola Maria, Can't wait to see pictures of your new project!

    Sarah Jane, You're welcome for dinner any ole time!

    Karen, Namaste:)

    Sinead,Thank you ever so much. I'm touched, I love yours also. Now let me think....

    Belinda, Oh bad shot, it's a piece of goat chese, did it come out pink? Gotta get going with photo shop! Plate's pretty though?

  16. My mouth is watering looking at that salmon and capers! It's one of my favorites!