Sunday, January 9, 2011


While I was living my life as usual, working 9 hours on Saturday,a  fast stop at the grocery then home for dinner and an evening spent watching old shows on the BBC, sad things were happening in our country.

This morning  as I was up and about drinking my lattes, caramelizing sugar for a dinner party tonight, giving the house a fast spiff up and loving life in general, people were mourning, others pointing fingers, others living in fear.

I picked up the newspaper at 2:00pm and read about the shooting in Arizona yesterday.  A federal judge killed, a Congresswoman hospitalized after being shot in the head, a 6 year old girl killed, the only girl on her little league baseball team. She had an interest in politics and wanted to meet Congresswoman Gifford.

The congresswoman was listed on Sarah Palin's Crosshairs map last year.  Targeted for her vote on health care.

This is not a political blog, but I can't not comment on this horrific event.  My prayers go out to all the families of the 6 victims of these insane  times we are living in.   

My dinner party will carry on and I'm sure there will be much discussion concerning the shootings and the hatred that lies behind them.

My friend Webb is correct, let's pray for the peace keepers.  They need all the help we can give them.


  1. ....i keep thinking about it today too...

  2. Jane,
    I'm so glad you commented on this. I watched the TV in horror this morning and thought all the same thoughts. The hatred and fear in this country that some in our country are exhibiting is being fueled by people who know damn good and well what they are doing, while protesting that they are not doing anything at all, and it is beyond belief. I thought about posting about this today, but you've put my thoughts into words very well. All of those people hurt and killed yesterday are in my thoughts and their families will remain there. Peace, Karin

  3. ahhhhh yes.
    miss sara....from alaska
    she makes me so crazy!!
    she fills me with fear.
    she and her cronies are playing with the most frighting collection of minds in this country.
    they are easily swayed and easily confused by the english language.
    i wish someone would take away the matches that this political party is playing with.
    they are bound to set off a keg of dynamite.

    i hope had nothing to do with 'THAT POLITICAL PARTY'


  4. Belinda, I know. Praying too.

    Kary, hard to shake, right?

    Webb, I'm nodding my head in agreement and shaking it in confusion.

    Karin, and you've further expressed mine. This is a dangerous game, we knew it and now we feel it. Peace to you also.

    Renee, Maybe this will be the very sad and horrifying wake up call we so desperately need here. I hope so. xo

  5. My prayers go out for all those involved. xoxo. J

  6. I am late commenting but also wanted to add my prayers. It is just heartbreaking.

  7. I am terrified of the ignorant rhetoric being spewed right now in the name of patriotism. And I truly hope that the investigators and prosecutors investigate that crosshairs map connection, and treat this as an act of terrorism, because if the shooter happened to be Muslim, they would be.

  8. soo terribly sad. i sure wish all of the people that thought he was such a creep would have done something before this had to happen... but all we can do now is pray for all of those who lost loved ones... it is sooo terrible and his picture makes me scared.. i feel so sad for his parents.

    nice post. xoxo