Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Food Porn

Who of us can resist it?  Not I and not when it is written as seductively as it was by Sam Sifton on December 5th in the NYT  magazine.  The lure was asado negro, a Venezuelan roast, that he claims "makes a mockery of pot roast".

He also writes " The meat in napped in blackness that comes not from fire or smoke but from the absorption of all colors into one, a color as deep as space itself.  It is beef the color of a velvet dinner jacket seen across a dark lawn at midnight".

 Okay, okay, you had me at velvet jacket.  I made it. Actually I doubled it. I caramelized the sugar and added the white vinegar and red wine.  I browned the beef and then cooked piles of thinly sliced onions and cloves of smashed garlic in its juices.  I added the soy and Worcestershire sauces  along with several bay leaves to the onions.  I skipped the celery because I never have celery.

Then I covered the browned beef with the vegetable mixture, covered both roasts with thinly sliced green peppers, added salt and pepper and poured the caramelized sauce over it all.  Covered it went into a 375 degree oven for 3 and 1/2 hours.

I served it with white rice and a simple green salad.   First I read our guests the same parts of the article that I have quoted here.  Then we ate.  And ate.  And ate a little more.  Our appreciation was as deep as space itself.

Blaise said his friends asked him "What does Jane do while everyone trims the tree". "Jane cooks" he replied.

You didn't think they did this out of the kindness of their hearts did you?

And Sam Sifton where ever you are, Word.  Read it yourself if you think you're strong enough.


  1. Your gastro-porn certainly has my pulse racing. Goodness. x

  2. How can anyone resist this phrase "It is beef the color of a velvet dinner jacket seen across a dark lawn at midnight".
    Well obviously I couldn't! Now been bookmarked for Top to reproduce...he's the beef cook in this house...and every other cook if I can get away with it!!!!!!!
    Jane that looks mouth wateringly delish!

  3. Jane, us Portuguese folks have a version of this; it's called carne acada (soft c). It's an ancient recipe from the islands and beyond delicious!


  4. That's good writing of Mr Sifton's. Brooklyn in the house!

    Looks delicious.

  5. I know it's about the meat, but your simple green salad looks so good. I think I'd like a plate with a little bit of everything, please.

  6. Belinda, Dammit, why didn't I think of gastro porn! Next time I'll check with you first.

    Sue, I'm off to look it up. ai love for these kinds of dishes.

    Julienne, let me know when he makes it. It was mouth meltingly good.

    Alison, You know I'd feed you!

    Marie, Is that Brooklyn the Brand?

    Denise, The salad was so good. Craving fresh greens this time of year.

    Webb, Okay, okay!

  7. I'm all for purple prose in food writing - if they don't make me make it, I'm too lazy to make it. Should you have topped it with one perfect full-blown damask rose?

  8. That looks absolutely scrumptious! Mouthwatering deliciousness! Was it as tender as it looks?

  9. Absolutely DELISH!! It looks amazing Jane and I expect it was just as tasty and beautiful too... you spoil us - think I may just have to show Mr SE too - he will definintely want us to have a go at this. (and thank you thank you thank you for the very kind comment on my blog - great to have you and GG in my life too) XX

  10. Well, now that I'm eating meat again, I may have to try this. Porn food/ gastro porn indeed..!

    Hope you've been well. New banner, I see. (For a moment there I thought I had landed in the wrong blog!)


  11. Mise, yes i should have. now I'm going to have to ask Belinda for title posts and you for styling tips. Be prepared!

    Sara Louise, yes truly melted in your mouth and OMG the leftovers.

    Sarah, it was amazing. Have the Mr. make it as soon as the weather cools. What 6 months from now?

    Marie, Welcome back to blogland, you've been sorely missed. And welcome back to the world of meat!

    Your work looks so beautiful. When I win the lottery you're my first expenditure.