Thursday, December 16, 2010

O But It's Cold Outside

No matter our living room/dining room hosts the Christmas tree and an assortment of lit candles.  This time of year I like to eat dinner in the kitchen.

It boasts no holiday decor, but there is always a vase of something fresh on the high top table.  Today it's a little blue pitcher full of scraps from my work table, privet berries, eucalyptus berries and boxwood.

It's the warmest room in the house and there is usually something delicious simmering on the stove or baking in the oven.

Today was our first snow so we both baked (cornbread) and simmered (chili).

Baby it's cold outside but it's pretty toasty in here.



  1. It looks warm and toasty and very inviting!
    What is the pretty pink berry (if you tell me that is the eucalypt berry I will bury my head in shame!!!) xx J

  2. Start digging a hole, it is! But "color enhanced" for Christmas.
    xo J

  3. Love the simple arrangement on the table and your dinner sounds so cosy as does your home. Tell GG that one of my co-workers is a GG too - I bought her a stollen cake last week so she does not feel too homesick at this time of year in hot and sunny Australia! Semi-Expat x

  4. "Color enhanced"? what's with that! Must be a florist trick that we mortals don't know. I love the blue pot - looks like something passed down from a favorite aunt!

  5. do you colour enhance?
    Our eucalypt berry is either yellow or just off white and I really love the pink.
    The hole is dug! xx

  6. Sarah, Stollen is Big in our house also. Must put on list!

    Webb, No, not passed down, thrifted1

    Julienne, I think it's the Dutch. They color them red for Christmas. Looks pretty yummy with greens.

  7. Lovely. And it looks like holiday decor to me! I like to eat in the kitchen this time of year, as well. The counter stools are just a few feet away from the nice warm stove.

  8. We eat in the kitchen (or garden in the summer) nearly all the time, dining room only for when we are more than 6. The one thing I don't like about kitchen eating is the dirty pots and pans around when I'm eating! But I grew up eating most of my meals in a big, warm kitchen and it just feels right.xx
    ps. warm corn bread and chili - perfect December food!

  9. I am sitting down for the first time in 3 days, eating a lamb partha, which seems to be 90% ghee, and a strong black coffee.

    i am having a nervous breakdown, if it takes 2 hours to make our biggest wreaths, how am i going to make 5 before tomorrow morning, as well as everything else?

    Send help

  10. sounds like the perfect way to enjoy the first snow :)

    xo Alison

  11. I adore your little arrangement and I'm a big fan of cornbread and chili. I haven't made them in a while, but it does seem a great time of year for both. Enjoy dinner in your cozy kitchen this eve.

  12. Karen, exactly, and we both want the stool closest to the oven!

    Belinda, i know and i do make an effort to get as many dirty dishes as possible cleaned up before we sit down. That's what I got from all those years cooking in restaurants, the ability to clean up as i go along.

    Miss P., wish i could send over my coworker Betty. she makes incredible wreaths in an hour or so. Me? I'm a bad wirer so all my stuff falls off. Keep the faith my lovely one. all the work always gets done.

    Alison, it was:)

    Denise, thanks you i look forward to that all day, well that and a bath. oh and getting to do a little blogging.