Friday, December 17, 2010

The Weekly Review

There doesn't appear to be a creature stirring nor moving its mouse in Blogland tonight.
But I'm unwinding from from another holly jolly fun filled day of holiday party arrangements ( must you all need 12 pieces?) and looking forward to a similar tomorrow.

GG is studying for her final final tomorrow.  On a Saturday, how cruel. December is the cruelest month.

This week has been filled with winds up to 40 miles an hour, freezing temps, a lovely little snow and GG studying aloud.  Tonight it's endocrinology.  Not Shakespeare folks, but somewhat musical all the same.

In the world news, I got in a fast phone call to the lovely and lovely sounding Miss Pickering.
She's British don't you know and had posted a comment about the staggering amount of work she had to do and the impossible number of hours she had to do it in.  

So I rang her, and once it was understood I wasn't calling from India trying to sell her something we had a brief but heartfelt florist to florist, blonde to blonde chat.

My smiles came quicker the rest of the day and  I even managed to be charming to a customer who showed up at 4:00pm with 6 vases she needed filled for a brunch tomorrow.  Could she pick then at 10:00 am tomorrow?

Hell if Miss P. can get all those wreaths decorated surely  I can do 6  extra arrangements.  

With such baby steps is world peace and harmony achieved.

There's a song in here somewhere.


  1. There HAS to be a song somewhere in all that....I work in a flower shop and I can honestly say our dear florist is a miracle worker - she has saved many an occasion and made them all beautiful. I'm sure you are the same!
    ENJOY your day tomorrow!

  2. I love your blog. If a blog could by "cozy", it would be yours. Beautiful wrap up post to your week's end. Thank you!

  3. Oh dear just the sight of overseas on the phone is enough to give anyone nightmares! You are lucky Miss Pickering picked up at all.
    Apart from the fact they are trying to sell you something I can never understand them enough to know what they are selling!!!!!
    The colours in the pic are just so beautifully Christmas no wonder your client wanted so many arrangements, I would have too!! xx
    A very happy Christmas to you GG and the lab and may it bring you much happiness, laughter and love xx J

  4. Lovely; your blog makes my smiles come quicker!


  5. Did you ever wonder if WE sound to the Brits like the Indians sound to us? Just thinking....

    What are those flowers? Just gorgeous. I particularly like the shape, but don't think I have seen them before. The foliage looks a bit like clivia, but....

    Happy weekend.

  6. I read Miss P.'s post about you calling her and I thought how totally sweet that was of you to take the time to do that, especially since you are most likely in the same boat..I hope you have a very Merry Christmas..after you recover.

  7. Oh do hope that GG's final final went well - what is she ultimately studying - guest post I think in order from GG!! And hope you are not too tired from all the party arrangements.. lovely that you and Miss Pickering were able to have a transatlantic chat too! Those flowers look Australian to me! XX

  8. Sarah, sing it for me. who knew you worked at a florist. will need more details but i'll graciously wait till after the holidays.

    Julia, Thank you and welcome. If a blog could be called laugh out loud funny it would be yours. looking forward to visiting soon.

    Julienne, gosh i hope i never have reason to call you, would hate to bring terror into your life!

    A happy Christmas to you also. But i trust we'll talk before then. xo

    Sue, Thank you sweet one.

    Webb, They are protea, brought to us by our friends in Australia!

    Sherri B., I was in the same ocean but different boat. I've been with my crew now for over 15 years so i know we can sail the rough waters together. It makes a difference.

    Sarah, She's there right now, final starts at 8:00am, studied all night, don't know how she'll even stay awake. O to be under 30.
    And you're right of course, the flowers are Australian. What would we do without then during the holidays?

  9. Never in the history of the telephone, has a call been so appreciated.